How to Test iOS 7 Beta Demo on your Web Browser

How to Test iOS 7 Beta Demo on your Web Browser, iOS7 is old news now. There are  many resources about it that even people who are not interested know the in-depth details about it. Registered Developers already have installed the first beta versions on their iPhone and will be taking a in-depth look at it. There are some who have installed without the activation(UDID). Something which is not recommended, but done at their own risks.


Non-Developers and people who do not want to take chance installing it in any other way, here is a way you can have a look at the iOS7 beta right from within your web browser.  Recombu – Has created a web  demo that is totally interactive, right from the apps to the  camera app in conjunction with your webcam. These features work only on Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome for now.

iOS7 Beta is reported to be filled with bugs at present. After all its a Beta version!! Who would develop a bug free beta version anyway!
This demo is not the end product, but gives you the chance of having a closer look without having to download it. The demo gives you a basic look but most importantly, you get to see the upgraded Notification center and the new Control Center. Jailbreak users will get the similar setting with tweaks like SBSettings.

Get going, and have a look at the demo at Recombu. Do tell us your reviews about it.

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