How to take Low Light Panoramic Pictures with LLBPano

How to take Low Light Panoramic Pictures with LLBPano, iOS 6 came with a cool new Panoramic picture-taking feature that can capture a really wide images while we continuously pan the iPhone in a direction. Though the feature is pretty cool but like most of the on phone camera it doesn’t work that well in low light. Phone cameras may it be iPhone or any other phone the camera on board trends to capture very noisy and dark images in low light conditions, as always when we have an issue with anything on our iPhone Cydia and it’s gang of jailbreak tweaks comes in.


We are talking about LLBPano jailbreak tweak, this tweak affects the imaging capability of our iPhone camera and makes it more sensitive to light thus making the low light images bright and sharp. The tweak itself don’t have any settings page or icon whatsoever but it adds an on off toggle in the system settings. To install this tweak all you have to do in head over to cydia and search for LLBPano and install it, once installed go to your settings and enable it. Once enabled it will all set to do the imaging magic.

When enabled go to your camera app and take a panoramic image you will instantly see the difference in the captured image, with all this said the cydia tweak is only available for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5 only, this is due to the fact that the earlier iPhones lack some sensor sensitivity and low light mode, that this tweak manipulates to produce the final results.

So, guys give it a try and leave us a comment below.

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