How to setup a new iPhone from an iTunes backup

How to setup a new iPhone from an iTunes backup, Users of Apple are aware that you can back up data on iCloud; the only set back is that Apple gives just 5GB free of memory. If you have more than 5GB of music, apps among others things the only other way to back up data for free is through use of iTunes. Below is the procedure of how to setup your phone with data from iTunes backup when it is new.


The first procedure below is how to back up files from your old iPhone to iTunes. Be sure to be running on the latest iTunes, and then plug in the device to a computer.

  • Hook up the old iPhone to the computer.
  • Go to iTunes and click file then devices then backup
  • Disconnect the old iPhone from the computer as long as the backup is complete.
  • Hook the new iPhone to the computer.
  • Go to iTunes – Files – devices then restore from Backup
  • Wait as data is being transferred to the new iPhone.
  • Disconnect the iPhone from the computer once the set up is done.

If the steps are correctly followed you can be sure that all your data : Music, contacts, messages, apps among other things will be in your new iPhones. One you are fully confident all your data is in your new iPhone you can go ahead and wipe off the old data that was from the old iPhone. Go to settings – general, then reset, and then erase all contents and settings. The old iPhone should now display “welcome to iPhone” on the iOS set up assistant. Enjoy your new iPhone. For more updates, tips and tricks subscribe to us via email.

Credit – Thanks to My Friend Simon for the Photo.

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