How to Send Group Message on iPhone 5

How to Send Group Message on iPhone 5, The feature to send group message is there in the iPhone 5 or any iOS device with cellular functions but it is not as straight forward. Many of you might already know it but for some of the new iOS users specially those moving from Android can find it hard to push out a group message. The tip here is that you cannot select multiple contacts to send a message to in the ad contact window but you can select them one by one and it doesn’t require a Jailbreak.

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Send Group Message on iPhone 5

  • After you tap on the New Message button, write the message you want to send.
  • Tap on the + button on the top right corner to select your Contact, you can select on one contact.
  • Once you added your first contact, tap on that button again and add another contact.
  • Likewise add as many as you like and hit the Send button.
  • Your message will be sent to the all the contacts you added and a new conversation thread will be created.

It may sound unusual but there is a large number of people who don’t know how to add multiple Contacts on a single message, but following this tip you can do so and best part is that when you send out a message to multiple contacts as a group a new conversation thread is created in your message list not individually for each user, now where even you want to send a new message to the group just open the group contact conversation thread and post a new message and all the contacts in that thread will get the message at once.

To make things tidy you can create multiple of these multiple contacts threads for quick group message, like in my iPhone I was multiple groups with multiple contacts like buddies, Office 1, Office 2, clients etc. As far as a cydia tweak is concerned we couldn’t find one that can give us a¬†separate¬†access to group messaging, we will keep an eye out through. Do you know any tweak that can do that? Comment below. This Post is by a User Question, Ask Us your question at Facebook or Twitter.

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