How to Save Google Maps Data for Offline Use on iPhone

How to Save Google Maps Data for Offline Use on iPhone, One of the biggest, most accurate, long serving and frequently updated third party maps is Google Maps. One of its latest updates is the ability to save maps for the purposes of offline use. This function was available before with the use of OK maps Easter egg and though it did work it was slightly awkward and a little hitched. This is corrected by the latest version of Google Maps version 3.0 respectively.


This is Great news to travellers as you can still view the map when there is no internet. This works great both abroad and locally especially in places where there is no or low internet. I Personally find myself in situations when Google Map data is badly required and I have smartphone and tablet with me but no wifi or 3g coverage. By saving the Google Map data on your device itself, you are free from the requirement of an internet connection and you can happily go where your heart takes out. But on the precaution note, the Google Map data can take up a lot of space on your device, so I recommend you to save only that part of the map where you are planning to go.

Procedure of saving maps for use offline:

  1. Start Google maps on the iPhone or iPad. Select the location where the map will be needed when you are offline.
  2. tap on the place written info sheet below the screen
  3. Scroll down the menu and choose on save map to use offline. You will be required to confirm where the map needs to be saved.
  4. With the pinch gestures or the arrows, move the map to display what is to be saved, then select save below the screen.

Finally you are required to name the map as appropriate and select save. That’s all! Whenever you go to the search bar under offline maps options, the map that was save will be displayed. This is meant to be used when there is no internet connection (Wi-Fi or data).

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