How to Save Any Webpage to PDF on you iPhone iPad iPod Touch

How to Save Any Webpage to PDF on you iPhone iPad iPod Touch, To be able to convert webpage into PDF on iPhone and iPad, you need This is a web base service that gets the job done with immediate effect. One thing you need to know is how to get it functional in your gadget, to solve this you must add a book mark within the bookmark in Safari.


Before you start saving webpages as PDF, you must do the following:

  1. Open safari then open any website/webpage
  2. Select the share icon then select the bookmark icon
  3. The name of the bookmark must be changed to ‘save as PDF’ or anything closer to this(confirm that it’s saved in bookmarks folder and not any other folder).
  4. Select save and save the bookmark
  5. Then edit the bookmark:copy code on your iOS gadget by typing it in Safari address bar or Notes application, and then copy it on to the clipboard.
  6. Go to Safari and tap on the bookmark icon, then edit
  7. To be able to edit the URL of the bookmark select save to PDF
  8. Clear the URL and paste the copied URL (above) then save.
  9. The bookmark you now have is the tool you use to convert webpages into PDF, through

How to Save Webpages as PDF

  • Go to the website and tap on the bookmarks icon
  • Select save as PDF bookmark
  • The webpage should open as PDF shortly within safari.
  • Select on ‘open in iBooks’  link, this saves the PDF in the iBooks library. (you must have iBooks installed to share it to other sources compatible with iPhone or iPad such as dropbox or Google Drive)


Apple had certain useful applications such as print PDF removed from the apple store that would have been useful in case you want to print the document.

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