How to Record Your iPhone Screen with Display Recorder

How to Record Your iPhone Screen with Display Recorder, if you don’t have a high-end video camera or a decent camera with manual exposure settings you know the pain in recording a Phone screen. The LCD screen of any Phone and handheld device like the iPhone 5 and iPod touch produces a high bright light which creates problem is recording them perfectly with a low-end camera specially when the screen is changing colors with variable brightness. Recording the screen and showing it to your friends or family to teach them something is far more easy and understandable than telling them what to do. But it requires a good camera and some serious Hollywood movie making skills, just kidding.


Well, as i said a million times, when you are facing the impossible with an iDevice that is when Cydia tweaks and you Jailbreak comes in, untethered jailbreak is amazing an boosts your productivity to a greater extent with the countless useful tweaks. One of those tweaks is Display Recorder, it is not a new player it has been around for a long time now and have been recently upgraded to support iOS 6.1.2 firmware version. The Cydia tweak does exactly what its name tells us, yes it records the display, it is a full featured screen recorder for your iDevice. It can record high definition video of everything going-on on your device screen

The tweak can be downloaded from Cydia for a small fee of $4.99 only and once installed you can record your entire screen to high quality videos both in portrait and landscape mode, which you can later save, send or upload directly to Youtube. You can use the inbuilt web interface to send the video to your desktop computer, your device and the computer must be on the same network and you can use this to control and use your mobile screen remotely. This tweak is worth trying, if you want to teach your friends how to do something on their iPhone. You can tell us how helpful this tweak is to you in the comments below.

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