How to Put iPhone 5 in DFU Mode

How to Put iPhone 5 in DFU Mode, for doing a jailbreak or restoring to an original iOS IPSW file you may need to put your iPhone 5 to DFU mode. DFU stands for Device Firmware Update, it is a mode in which you can perform a firmware upgrade on your device. When iTunes does a firmware upgrade, it can put the device to DFU mode by itself but when you plan to do something manually you need to put your device to DFU mode by following these steps.

How to Put iPhone 5 in DFU mode

  • Connect your Device to the computer.
  • Open iTunes
  • Hold down the Power button for 3 seconds
  • Without releasing the Power button, press the hold the Home button as well for 10 seconds.
  • Now, Release the Power Button and keep holding the Home button.
  • Hold it down till iTunes notify you that Your device has been detected in Recovery Mode. Release the home button.


The time to hold down and release the buttons should be exact or you will end up in Recovery Mode, in that case you will have to use TinyUmbrella to Exit recovery mode. The basic difference between DFU mode and recovery mode is that when your device is in DFU mode, the screen will be blank Black and in recovery mode you will have the iTunes logo with a USB cable icon displayed on the screen and asking to connect your device to the computer. There is another mode called Pwned DFU mode, when your restore iOS firmware using iTunes, iTunes checks with Apple’s server for¬†eligibility for the restore and if you are trying to restore to a custom iOS IPSW file iTunes will throw you an error.

To overcome this issue, you can use Redsn0w to put your device in Pwned DFU mode, in this mode iTunes will flash your device with any custom or original iOS IPSW file. At this very moment custom IOS IPSW file to Jailbreak iPhone 5 is not available. This is a User Asked question, to ask us your question catch us on Facebook or twitter.

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