How to Prevent iPhone Overheating Problem

How to Prevent iPhone Overheating Problem, although iPhone Overheating is not a very common issue but many do get the warning time to time. To be precise most of the time it is not a device problem, what we mean it most of the overheating problem of your iPhone is not because of a faulty iPhone but because of certain circumstance. We will discuss here some of the most common iPhone overheating problems and their solutions.


When an iPhone heats up beyond its normal operative temperature it will lock down the iPhone with a Temperature message on the screen saying, your iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it. If you have never seen it before then it is very good but still you should go through the whole article to know what to do when you get this problem. Don’t get confused about this article with a warm iPhone, you don’t have to worry if you iPhone gets really warm when you are playing a game or running some resource hungry software. You should worry if you get the over heating temperate error frequently, excessive heat can damage you phone’s battery as well as other vital electronic components. One of the most common issue with an over heated iPhone is the bend, yes your iPhone may get bend with too much heat popping out the screen.

Common iPhone Over Heating Scenarios to avoid

Direct Sunlight

Never Keen you iPhone under direct sunlight, leaving your iPhone under the direct sun will make it super hot, specially if it is of the darker shades. So, the next time you take your iPhone to the beach to relax do carry a bag to keep it.

Don’t leave it in the car

Well, reading the first point many might be thinking to keep the phone in the car while on the beach. Well, that is an equally bad idea. Keeping you iPhone in the car all locked up will also make it gain heat.

Be careful in the Kitchen

While in the kitchen with your iPhone, be careful where you keep it. Keeping it near a heat source will get it hot real fast, not only in the kitchen keep it away of any heat source.

What to do after you get the High Temperature Notice

First carefully check if you can hold it, if it’s too hot use a towel to hold it can take it to a cool place. Like hold it below the Air Conditioner vents or the Air cooler. You can even put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Don’t let it iced out though. You should also remove any Case if your iPhone have, we have reports that some cases are responsible for iPhone over heating.

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One thought on “How to Prevent iPhone Overheating Problem

  1. Cryptobyte says:

    My iPhone 5 (iOS 8 Beta 4) heats when running SoundCloud, so I opened up a device console and this is what is happening:

    Jul 30 15:23:18 *************** assertiond[59] : Disallowing application state monitor connection from unentitled process: SoundCloud (2753)

    It seems to be an infinite loop printing this.