How to Password Protect Photo Stream in iPhone iOS 7

How to Password Protect Photo Stream in iPhone iOS 7, the photo stream is one of those parts or section of the iPhone that may contain some sensitive information about the phone owner. To be true don’t want everyone to see the photos we take with a phone as they may be private and secret. Well, there is a new cydia tweak that is here to save our privacy from the peaking eyes. PProtect is a cydia tweak that is designed to password protect your Photos on your iPhone or any iOS 7 device.


iPhone photo stream is open to everyone who knows our iPhone’s unlock code or those takes the iPhone just to make a call, to be true i have found myself in such situation many times when someone asks me my phone to make a phone call and most of the time I catch them looks at my pics after they are done with the call. Now to protect your secret photos, PProtect will lock your iPhone photos stream with a password. Don’t get confused with the Photo Stream and the camera roll, this app only protects the Photo Stream.

The camera roll is the folder where photos taken by your camera gets saved, Photo stream is the folder that we shared with other iOS devices. But you can use this photo stream to protect your camera photos as well, I will explain it in details below. Unlike other photo stream protection apps which blocks the whole photo steam with a password, PProtect works by manually selecting which folders within the Photo Stream to be password protected and which one not. This means that you can have open photo stream folders as well to share the non-sensitive photos.

Highlights of PProtect

  • Folders icons within Photo stream can be blurred to increase security.
  • Disable deleting of the Photo Stream protected folder without the password.
  • Once protected you can block other Apps from accessing the photo stream folders

How to use PProtect

  • Enable Photo Stream – Go to Settings – Photos & Camera and enable Photo Sharing
  • Go to your home screen and tap on the photos app.
  • Tap on the Shared tab.
  • Now, tap on the + button to add a new Photo Stream.
  • Give it a name and add your private photos to it from your camera roll.
  • Don’t forget to deleted the Sensitive photos from your camera roll once they are uploaded to the Photo Stream.
  • Now, Go to Cydia and search for PProtect ( This will cost your $1.99 )
  • Once installed open up this tweak and select the newly created photo stream folder and Activate the Protection.
  • Done, Your Private sensitive photos are now safe and sound.

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