How to Organize your iPhone folders using FolderEnhancer Tweak

How to Organize your iPhone folders using Folder Enhancer Tweak, Do you have a lot of apps on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Must be pretty difficult to find the app you want in an instant. How about a situation when an app needs to be found, and you just can’t find it? Frustrated? Well, don’t be!


Here comes FolderEnhancer! This Cydia Tweak is a great way to organize your apps into folders. And the awesome thing is, you can create folders within folders. This is very helpful for the gamer among us, who downloads a lot of games from the app store. You can store up to 320 icons per folder! Isn’t that like super awesome?

Feature Highlights for Folder Enhancer:

  • Create folders within folders
  • Up to 320 icons in each folder
  • Have multiple pages of icons within each folder
  • Appearance of folder can be personalized
  • Have folders on your dock
  • Hide apps
  • Change background within each folder
  • Change color, shape and look of folder
  • Personalize folder animation

The App is available for you to download from cydia’s Bigboss repo for a small fee of $2.49 only, the feature set it comes with and the neat organized iPhone if can provide this is totally worth it. Finding apps or Games on my iPhone so much easier now as compared to earlier when i have to flip through all the screen to find an app, I even pass over the app without noticing it. It supports all firmwares starting from 4.2 to 6.1.

Buy it, install it, and restart your springboard. Now you are on your way to getting super organized!

Now, isn’t this a great way to get your iDevice organized? Give us you views in the comments below.

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