How to Move Google Reader Feeds to Flipboard

How to Move Google Reader Feeds to Flipboard, Are you a news junkie and use Google Reader a couple of times everyday to read your feeds? Well, I am. So, the disturbing news of Google Reader being shutdown by 1st July is nothing but a hard blow to the face of the RSS feed reader in me. Soon the days will be gone when I can devour gargantuan amounts of news by just flipping through a few RSS feeds. For those who don’t know Flipboard is a magazine style social app that shows and represents your social connections and updates in a graphical manner, it is not a Cydia tweak so it doesn’t require a Jailbreak.


Well, there’s someone at our rescue now. It’s none other than the flashy news, Twitter and Facebook app: Flipboard. The creators call it, the social magazine, but we can call it the RSS rescuer.

What we need?

  • Flipboard account
  • Google Reader account

How do we do it?

  • There’s a red Flipboard ribbon on the upper right of the app. Tap on it
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Tap on Google Reader
  • Sign in using Google Reader username and password (Your Google account details)

Phew! We are set to rock and roll! Yuhoooooo!

A word of caution:
If you subscribe to a lot of feeds, better use WiFi; might use up quite some data
Is your Google account secured with two-factor authentication? If yes, then you might be asked by Flipboard for a six-digit pin code. If not already texted to you by Google, the Authenticator software from Google on iOS and Android can be used. It’s free!
If Flipboard rejects your Google credentials, then do the following.

Log onto Google in your web browser and go to the Manage application-specific passwords option following this path Security > 2-step verification > Settings. Scroll down and click Generate password.
Use generated password to authorize Google Reader account in Flipboard.

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