How to Jailbreak iOS 7 using Evasi0n 7 Tutorial

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 using Evasi0n 7 Tutorial, Evad3rs just released Evasi0n 7 the tool that can jailbreak iOS 7 to the latest iOS 7.0.4, it is also said to be supporting the upcoming iOS 7.1 which is now in beta 2 stage and is available for developers only. Another good news about evasi0n 7 is that this new tool supports all the available iOS devices, yes it is not like A4, A5 processor based system with which we are familiar with. Evasion 7 supports all the iPhones, iPads and iPods that supports iOS 7 along the devices it supports iOS 7 versions like iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3 and iOS 7.0.4 as well as iOS 7.1 Beta.


Just like its previous versions, Evasi0n 7 is fairly easy to use. Just connect your device, hit the jailbreak button and follow the on-screen instructions. But for those who face problems here is a step by step tutorial on how to jailbreak it. Windows and Mac jailbreak tutorials are identical just for the windows users you need to run evasion 7 as an administrator.

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 using Evasi0n 7 – Tutorial for Mac and Windows

  • First of all backup your device with iTunes, this is for security. In case anything goes wrong you can get your data back.
  • Remove or disable any passcode you have set on your device. You can reset it after the jailbreak process is done.
  • Download Evasi0n for iOS 7 from our Evasi0n 7 download page.
  • Extract the Zip file to a folder.
  • If on windows, run Evasi0n 7 exe file as an administrator and for Mac run evasi0n 7 app by double clicking it.
  • Plug in your ios device to the computer using the lightning cable or the 30 pin connector which ever your device supports.
  • Wait for evasion 7 to detect your device, the Jailbreak button will turn active once it gets detected.
  • Now, Click on the jailbreak button and grab a coffee. Let Evasi0n 7 do the jailbreak magic.
  • After a while you will be asked to unlock your device and tap on the jailbreak button on your home screen. Do it and the process will continue.

Now this process with take a while and your device will reboot few time, this is normal and no need to panic. If some how the device stop responding for a long time you can easily force reboot the device and restart the jailbreak process. You can force restart the device by holding down power and home button.

We have to mention that Cydia is not yet fully compatible with iOS 7 so after the jailbreak is done. You may face some issues with Cydia or the Cydia tweaks when you install them. But Saurik has assured us that all issued with cydia and cydia tweaks will be solved as soon as possible. Happy jailbreaking and don’t forget to share this post on facebook and twitter.

Known issues and Solutions

Here we will be posting known problems and their solutions as soon as we are able to find and fix it. Bookmark this page for future reference for Evasion 7 problem and possible fixes.

  • Stuck on Apple Logo : Restore using iTunes and Jailbreak again, Click Here for detailed solution.
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123 thoughts on “How to Jailbreak iOS 7 using Evasi0n 7 Tutorial

  1. goooooooooooooooooooooooood!
    what about 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak?

  2. my iphone gets stuck at th apple start logo what do i need to do i jailbreak it with ur tool

    • Coming from a guy named rich, install ios 7 through itunes. Something about ota is causing an issue. Otherwise wait a bit and it will be fixed

    • this is what I found on another page:
      1. Don’t do it. You will get stuck at apple log. It is reported that there are major issues with this jailbreak. I had to put my phone in DFU mode and restore via ICloud backup. Don’t do it.

      2. If its not working for you, just wait for a while a update is coming to Evasion 7. BTW have your upgraded your iOS 7 OTA last time. If yes the jailbreak may fail, re-install iOS 7 using iTunes and perform the jailbreak. Using the tutorial we posted. Hope that Helps.

      Personally I got the same issue, so right now I have it in DFU and waiting for restore process to complete:/

  3. jayestofkays says:

    I have OSX 10.6.8 running on my macmini and the evasion tool won’t open after I’ve downloaded it, no matter which way I try. Any ideas?

  4. Mine also. Any idea how to solve? iPad2. Jailbreak was fully done. At final reboot the device comes not up and is just rebooting all over again. Volume Up or DFU don’t work.

  5. Hello it’s shocking to the community that it finally has been released and that it amazing but there are IPhone 4S users in ios 7.0.1 that are struggling through the jailbreak process , you see when the iPhone goes on the reboot stage it freezes and doesn’t jailbreak the device and then it doesn’t become recognized by iTunes at all , can you please fix this problem thank you :)

  6. What is with ATV 2 ????

  7. Great Christmas! Thanks

  8. I ve been using Mavericks which is 10.9 version. The latest tool for jailbreaking is not compatible with this version of OSX? I can not open the dmg file on my mac.

    • we will post an article on fixing this problem of non compatibility with Mac OS but for the time being, download the DMG file on a Windows machine and copy it to your mac machine it will work. Else use Google Chrome or firefox to download it on your mac system. As far now we have noticed that DMG files downloaded through Safari are throwing this error. Mega(dot)co(dot)nz seems to have issues with safari.

      • Travis Swartfiguer says:

        This worked for me. The first time I downloaded it I used safari and the DMG would open but when I tried to open the evasion 7 app nothing would happen not even a reference to it in activity monitor at all. I read the post above and installed google chrome and re-downloaded it from the same place and evasion opened right up.

        Thanks A Lot for your help Rich

  9. My phone had no problem jailbreaking but wen I installed Zeppelin and Custom NC background its shows that thier enabled but there were no changes

  10. Im running windows 7 64 bit and I cant start the program it says i need to install Itunes to make the program work but i have it and i already tried to reinstall it doesnt fix am I the only one ?

  11. Ben Bockelman says:

    Can’t seem to get the Evasion app to launch on OS X. And on another computer running Windows XP, Evasion launches, but has trouble connecting to the device. iTunes connects just fine. :(

    • Download the DMG file for Mac on a windows machine and move it to your Mac system, it should work now. We saw some issues with Safari and Mega download site.

  12. I can’t run Evasion app with error ““evasi0n 7” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” I use mac os x 10.9.1. Help me please

    • Go to System Preferences – Click on Security & Privacy – Click on the lock icon (if it is in locked state) and enter your admin password. Now Selected “Anywhere” for Allow apps downloaded from list. Re-lock the lock icon and close it. Now run Evasi0n 7, it should work fine know.

  13. why after jailbreak me stuck at apple logo…cant connect to itune …pls help

  14. the Jailbreal tool does not regcognize my ipad 4, it says “Sorry the version of IOS of the attached device is not supported. Im running on IOS7.0.4

  15. thank evadrs a great gift for christmas keep up the good work but please fix the boot logo problem

  16. what with the apple logo problem man? fix it ASAP please !

  17. I keep getting a “evasion 7″ is damaged on 10.9.1n and a Evasion Can’t be opened because of problem on 10.6.8 For a while I was really excited then really disappointed

    • This problem occurs most of the time when Safari is used to download the DMG file from maga co nz site, try downloading it using Chrome. If still not working, download the DMG file on a windows machine and copy it to your system.

  18. The “evasi0n 7″ icon does not appear on my iPhone 4 homescreen

  19. Quasiemono Blueone says:

    can this unlock the SPRINT 4S cdma (already unlocked by Apple) It will no accept SIM from EU. Says Sim invalid??
    Hope you can help (

    • I have the same problem and it’s locked with sprint and currently reside in the Caribbean. Am so down. Ordered this phone months ago and I was sent a locked iPhone 5. Just tried the jailbreak but it still refuses to accept my sim. Please help am going crazy!!!!

  20. I don’t have windows but saw your comment on Opera and used that and it worked fine thanks for quick response!!

  21. will the ultrasnow unlock work with this jailbreak ?

  22. Yeah! Thanks!! Works fine here.

  23. on ipad 2 , after final boot, it keeps rebooting after showing apple logo.
    restored to last backup and tried again, same probleem, keeps rebooting after apple log

  24. ok tried it again , now chosing new install after the restore, but same result, after final reboot the ipad keeps rebooting.

  25. my phone is stuck on the apple logo, what do i do to fix this? can my phone still be jailbroken?

    • hamid hussaini says:

      i have the same problem its been stuck for severaldays and my friends plans on buying a new phone because its hard to fix this =[[[

  26. I cant open up the Evasi0n program on my windows. A message pops up saying Evasi0n has stopped working….

  27. I have windows 7 And IPhone 4S running on IOS 7.0.4 when i start jailbreak it stuck on Configuring system 2/2 . what should i do , please ????!

    • I have the same problem!! Did you get it resolved? If so could you please email me mike(dot)eckhart[at]yahoo(dot)com? I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. I’ve rebooted, reinstalled, etc. Nothing works.

  28. I tried it on iphone 4S but it does not work the last reboot my iphone still hang on the apple.
    is it works on jailbreak iphone 4S??

  29. I have tried to open evasion 7 on my windows 7 laptop but it doesn’t want to work. I’ve tried on a Mac and the same thing. The systems meet the requirements but won’t open. Can someone please help me.

  30. Just updated my iPad 2 to IOS 7, no problems with eviasi0n7, worked like a charm. But, what about a jailbreak of the iPod Touch 4, upgraded to latest IOS 6.1.5 ??

  31. My evasion ca’t start, why? I use win XP Sp3 when open evasion there have a message we need to close, pls help me…

  32. does anyone know why my computer dosent detect my ipad 2, although i hit trust computer on my ipad, and autoplay detects it. I am using windowns 7, and ios 7.0.4 (11B554a)

  33. It worked on Ipad mini :D thanks!!

  34. Mbenyakh

    Hi everyone if i check my Iphone 4s the modemfirmware is,am i gone get any problems by trying jailbreaking the device??pls advise.

  35. I got an iPad 2 and it keeps getting stuck on apple icon. What really works? Please reference my post if you have a solution, so I know the post is specific to my situation. Thanks

  36. has anyone found solution to error messagae “evasion7.exe has stopped working”? ive heard disabling proxy would fix this but i am still getting error

  37. Mbenyakh,

    I’ve performed the Jailbreak anyway and it worked fine for me,Cydia is succesfully instaled on my phone,i will try out if it really works.

  38. I have tried the jb on an iPhone 4S and it also hangs on configuring 2/2 it’s not going to work no matter what I do lol! It’s rubbish tool for ip4s on 7.0.4! Lucky I have a 4S on 5.1.1 with a rocky racoon jb! And a iPhone 5 64 on 6.1.2 ;) think I’ll stick to that for a while! and that’s by far better than this new rubbish! Even when I manage to jb on 7.0.4 half of the tweaks won’t work, but hey I’ll have jb’s on 5,6,7! Soon !

  39. Does it work with iPhone 5s?

  40. iPad 2 updated and restored several times in iTunes keeps on crashing…Was someone succesfull jailbreaking iPad2?

  41. Kenneth Stargell says:

    I have iphone 4 running 7.0.4 I I installed evasion 7.0.4 jailbreak then cydia disappeared please help.

  42. Mbenyakh,

    Tried out the cydia and everything seem to work fine so far,good luck guys,i hope somehow you all finally will find out how to get it work .

    Have a merry christmas all.

  43. When can solve the problem of ipad 2? I want this christmas present><

  44. I have an iphone 4s which is activation locked, will this jb work?

  45. Anybody know if the AppleTV 3 was ever jailbroken and with which tools? Tired of spammy look alike tools. I ran evasion 7 on my ipad mini retina and it worked great.

  46. Ipad 2 rev. A stuck on apple logo. Restored many times using IPSW downloaded from this site

  47. ok, i may sound like an idiot, but does this thing works for 3gs?
    i just recently found my old phone and was wondering if this will enable the usage of ios7 on iphon 3gs. i have never done the jail breaking before. i assume my phone was factory unlocked.

    please help

  48. how many times does it reboots ?

  49. When I plug my phone in it gives me. “Sorry, the Version of its of the attached device is not supported” I have a 5c running ios 7.0 11a466

  50. please help, I have an iphone 5s, trying to jailbreak with new evasion 7 but it won’t go beyond ” configuring 2/2 ” it gets stuck right there. Please help

    • Jason iP5 64GB iOS 6.1.2 + iOS 7.0.4 4S says:

      Genna I doubt you’re going to be able to jailbreak your 5S I’m stuck in the same boat on my 4S on 7.0.4 does exactly the same on version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 and just freezes up my laptop at configuring 2/2 , it’s not going to work until they have a stable version but nice to know a working version will be imminent!

    • Hi Genna, have you managed to get yours working yet? I Managed to do it on my 4S 7.0.4 :) I reset all settings on my iphone used a new USB lead, downloaded evasi0n 7 again , waited a bit longer on configuring 2/2 and browsed some apps thinking it was hanging then suddenly it started rebooting!! I looked up and it said rebooting and then the process went through lovely no problems! You just have to be a bit more patient! ;) xxx

  51. Altair_Horace says:

    some says i hv to update to ios7.04 to jailbreak? is it true? im using ios5 (9B206) of ipad 2 and the tool said “the version of ios (9B206) of the attached device is not supported”.

    • That’s correct or you can jailbreak using absinthe I recommend you update and get the newest jailbreak iOS 5 is ancient and useless ;)

  52. I had the same problem with the stuck logo, after i reinstall ipsw 7.0.4 it works. Jaibroken, but i cant acces cydia, everytime i click on it it will goes back to the homescreen. Help

  53. The tweaks which are said to be suppoted in iOS 7 could not be found in the “Settings”!
    Is this only the problem of the devices with A7 chips? Or it is the case for all devices from the pan-chinese area? (PS. I am from Hong Kong, not China)
    Is it caused by the unupdated mobile substrate? Or other reasons?

    • Jason iP5 64GB iOS 6.1.2 + iOS 7.0.4 4S says:

      Yes your A7 chip is a known problem on the jail break hopefully it’ll be fixed eventually

  54. i pad 2 wifi only model after jailbreak i get screan of envasion rearing kernal after 30 second it flashes and i get stuck in the apple logo i try to restore with a new ipsw rejailbrak same thing anybody with same issue

  55. is work fine with my 4S…but first time jailbreaking doesn’t cydia app .. no dout about that.. do it again second time.. it will work correctly everything

  56. When I plug my phone in it gives me. “Sorry, the Version of its of the attached device is not supported” I have a 5s running ios 7.0 11a466

  57. My iPhone 5S Is Stuck At The Apple Logo After I Jailbreak Now What Do I Do Please Help Me Now!!!!!!

  58. I got stuck at apple logo. I restored the 7.0.4 ipsw and now stuck at activate screen. How to proceed without SIM

  59. Is there any good and free solution for removing the carrier lock apart from SAM binger’s app. U can recommend something paid if nothing comes free.:-)

    • Jason iP5 64GB iOS 6.1.2 + iOS 7.0.4 4S says:

      It won’t come free Harry! I tried SAM it’s a pile of crap! The only way to unlock it is to factory unlock it by the network , you can do it by getting a pay as you go sim for the desired network and topping up £25 or £30 to be on the safe side and put in an unlock request form or phoning up and requesting one, trust me that’s the ONLY way! But at least you’ll never have problems with activation like you would with these 3rd party dodgy unsafe unlocks.

  60. i love urs guys that is collosus lol EVAD3RS4EVER :D

  61. when i download something from cydia nothin works or it works but when i restart my phone everything is like never existed im using an i5

  62. hamid hussaini says:

    someone pleasee help me. my iphone got stuck on the apple logo reboot and my power button is broken =[ how do i fix this. my compputer and itunes wont even recognize the iphone because its stuck =[

  63. guys, if you are stuck in the apple logo with an ios that’s not the 7.0.4, try to restore and update to it with itunes then it will work, at least worked for me, I was on 7.0.0 and got stuck… updated, then tried again. worked like a charm, hope it helps, sorry for my bad english

  64. when i connect my iphone 4s it says remove passcode but i have already therefore i cant get the jailbreak button available to start

  65. when i hit jailbreak it says failed to recieve package from internet? what do i do?

  66. i had jailbroken my iphone 5 on iOS 7.0.4, but why the safari, weather, and mail they can’t opened? just flash back when i tried to open it… can i get a solutions? thank’s a lot…

  67. Marco Azevedo says:

    I tried to jailbreak my iPad 2 Wifi using Windows 8.1 and the process went ok until step “Now, Click on the jailbreak button and grab a coffee. Let Evasi0n 7 do the jailbreak magic.” When i click on the Evasion icon in my iPad, the program opens and closes quickly and the progress bar in the Evasion Jaibreak software get stuck in the “To continue, please unlock your device and tap the new evasion 7 icon”. P.S: I already tried the hard reset, tried again and the DFU mode also didn´t worked. The Cydia icon appears in the program list in my iPad. When i try to jaibreak again, software says iPad is already jaibroken, but the iFun says is jailed.

    Any solution?

  68. Someone help me! Trust this computer keeps popping up when I try to connet it to Evasion.
    What do I do?

  69. Unable to open Evasion on Mac using OS X Maverick. I have tried: Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I have also changed the security settings to allow third party apps to be downloaded

  70. mine keeps on saying that the “files upload filed ” and it doesn’t go any further than that, why?