5 thoughts on “How to install iOS 7 Beta 4 without UDID or developer account

  1. Thank

  2. What happens with the 25pp downloaded apps?

  3. Thank you but even the non developer account trick didn’t work for me got it on my phone then I got a message at time of first time start screen that I had to register to use beta 5 other beta3 version wouldn’t let me put it on my phone but before the incident at the iTunes security breach I was able to try beta 1 and beta 4 was still being up loaded and I couldn’t find beta 2 it had been removed so just to let you know I will be impressed of you guys or gals can jail break iOS 7

  4. I had problems with install since the breach
    I hope you all will be able to make iOS 7 as enjoyable as 6.1.2 and before, apple may not be real smart I hope you all stay smarter