How to install Apps for Free Using AppAddict

How to install Apps for Free Using AppAddict, The disappearance of the cracked app installer install0us that disappeared along with Hackul0us must have come as bad news, but there is good news for those who were disappointed.  The alternative to this is called AppAddict that will help you get paid for apps for free on your iPhone or iPad.  Below are steps on how to use the app.


First it is a must to install a jailbreak depending on the iOS version in use. Then from Cydia install AppSync for iOS then proceed to use the AppAddict for free. We are not encouraging piracy in any way it is only  to be used for trial purposes only. Below is how to install AppSync for iOS 7 on your iOS device.

  1. On the home screen tap on Cydia icon to open it.
  2.  Tap on Search
  3. Type AppSync for iOS 7+ then install
  4. Cydia should be able to install the App for you. Follow the instructions for download carefully noting the correct version for the iOS firmware.
  5. Restart the device
  6. Then open Safari Browser and enter  the address bar
  7. On the screen there should appear a slider saying tap to install. Sliding on it enables AppAddict to download and install.

To Install Apps using AppAddict, follow the steps below

  • Start  AppAddict
  • Categories page should appear, right swipe and tap on search
  • Enter the App name to be downloaded
  • Tap on the desire App from the list that appears
  • iTunes description for the app chosen should appear, tap and pick the link for download
  • Each link leads to a different hosting site. To be able to download either you have to be a full member or if it is for free it will show.
  • Some may require a waiting period or a CAPTCHA code entered before download.
  • Once the download commences, swiping downwards leads to download progress. When the download is done right wipe on the screen and tap install
  • Select the desired IPA fill and tap Install

The device will automatically go back to home screen as you follow the installation, for any problem leave us a comment below.

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