How to Get Mac OS X Dock on iPhone

How to Get Mac OS X Dock on iPhone, if you are a Mac user you might defiantly love the dock. The dock in Mac OS X is one of the main attraction of the amazing operating system. I am an old-time windows user but even since I got my hands on my first mac, I really can’t stop from being in love with the operating system. I don’t want another windows verses mac war here, in my setup i have both windows and mac running on different machines with multiple monitors but this is not the point here, the point is we all love the animations of style of Mac OS X dock and here is a way to get it on your iPhone OS or iOS.


The iOS dock is somewhat similar but a more static version of the Mac dock, the dock has not changed significantly over the past several years but here is a Cydia tweak that can change it for you. There are hundreds of dock based tweaks in cydia but this one will sure grab your attention. Named ActiveDock, this tweak can transform your iOS device dock to the Mac OS X dock including all its animations and features.

When Apple is busy taking iOS GUI to Mac OS X , using this tweak you can bring some of the mac os x fun to your iOS. Once you install activedock on your iOS device you will notice the light indication of running apps on the dock just like you see in Mac OS X. If the light is on your app is open and when light off it means you have closed the app. Another great of the dock is the bouncing effect, the same bouncing effect when you open an app by clicking on its icon or a notification by the app trying to get your attention.

You can download and install ActiveDock from BigBoss repo of cydia for a small fee of $1.99 only, it is worth it if you are concerned about your home screen and miss the features of your Max OS X dock. What do you think ? Leave us a comment below.

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