How to Get iOS 7 Features on Jailbroken iOS 6 iPhone

How to Get iOS 7 Features on Jailbroken iOS 6 iPhone, With the launch of new iOS 7 and now that it’s  been running in devices of few developers, it’s known that many of the new features look similar to that of the jailbreak tweaks. And if you like these features but still not jailbroken your device then do it. Here’s our tutorial to help you. Here are few popular tweaks that will give you features as same as iOS 7. If you have a developers account with Apple you can download iOS 7 right now.

iOS 7 Features on iOS 6 iPhone

  • Multitasking – While Apple is busy promoting its new feature, while most of the jail-breakers have experienced it even before with Auxo.  You can get it from the Big-boss repo for $1.99.
  • Clock – Need a fully functioning clock on the home screen just like the one in apple? Then get it through LiveClock from the Ryan Petrich repo for free.
  • Photo Filters – iOS 7 has Instagram like filters and the tweak Photo-filters gives it to you through the Photos App itself. It’s available by the Big-boss repo for $1.00.
  • Control CenterApple has an incredible new Control Center. However, this feature has been available from long back in the form of SBSettings and NCSettings, jailbreak tweaks are freely available in the BigBoss and ModMyi repos.
  • Background Tilt – This is the feature which gives a “real” effect to your wallpaper. A jailbreak tweak known DeepEnd by Ryan Petrich does this for free.
  • Call Blocking – Was missing till now in the iOS but it’s been available as a tweak iBlacklist for a while and now available on the BigBoss repo for free.
  • AirDrop – The best way to share files available on the Mac but it’s been available as a jailbreak tweak Instashare for free.
  • Lock Screen Notifications – This is what we all wanted to find in iOS but we are able to get it on the tweak IntelliscreenX. It’s available on the ModMyi repo for $9.99. Or you can go for LockInfo  for $4.99 from the same repo.
  • Auto Updating – Great way to keep updating your apps from the app store it is available as a Cydia tweak , Auto App Updater costing $2.99 from the ModMyi repo.

Have you seen the side to side comparison of iOS 7 and iOS 6. If not Check it Out here.

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