106 thoughts on “How to Fix iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo After Evasi0n 7 jailbreak for iOS 7

  1. Klaus Rollmann says:

    i tried the restore but itunes gave this error: This device isn’t eligible for the requested build”

    • eugenemcraynolds says:

      you download a wrong ipsw for your device make sure you download the right ipsw and try again

      • Christian Rollmann says:

        i download directly from itunes, impossible the wrong one

        • I have the exact same problem. any solutions on this?

        • I’m having the same problem! Any recommendations?

        • I figured it out.
          -close itunes
          -Go to applications>utilities>(and open) terminal.
          -type this: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
          -enter your password (it won’t appear, but when you’re done, hit enter)
          -use the arrow keys to navigate to the line that has xx.apple.com, and delete this line
          (or all of them if there are more than one).
          -control-O saves the file
          -hit Enter to continue
          -control-X exits the host file
          -quit terminal
          -open itunes and restore your iDevice from iTunes!

        • Sean, I was getting the 3004 error error and followed your Terminal instructions. This worked. Thanks!

        • paulnightlong says:

          Sean, I had the error 17 with ipad mini retina wifi & itunes on mac & PC could not restore. I used your method with the hosts file on mac & tried the restore on itunes & it was successful. Thanks a bunch!

      • i have windows 7 same error on my iphone and i cant to download ios via itunes…says secure connection can noot be established……plz suggest wat shud i do….
        iphone 5 stuck at apple bootloop and due ota issue….

  2. I’m guessing this also applies to ipad’s?
    I tried the jailbreak yesterday and had the applelogo-loop. I used recovery mode and now it’s back to normal.. So I should just try again?

  3. I tried to restore to iPhone 5 ios 7.0.4. But Itunes shows that “your iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”. I have downloaded the correct version 11B554a.

  4. When i restore it back to the firmware, can i use the backup i have made to get all my stuff back on my phone and then attempt the jailbreak again?

  5. works this fix???

  6. didnt work for on my ( ipad2) stuck on apple logo loop .
    but its working on my iphone 5

  7. I tried the fix.. download the file… restore from that and bam I am stuck on the apple logo again guess I am doomed to hit al the problems

  8. Oh I am on an IPAD2 Wifi 7.04

    • Same problem with the same device. I tried restoring the iPad as a “new device” but I got the same result.

    • HI Jason, Mine is iPad2 Wifi as well. stuck at boot loop and fixed with restore from iTune. I let iTune to download firmware by itself during restore. It took about 5 hr. I notice Apple logo again after restore. I restarted it by pressing power and home button and restored second time. ITune did not need to download 7.0.4 again and restored straight away. My iPad is working now. Thinking to JB again after work or wait for next release :)

      • You don’t need to download the file again for 5 hours as long as its the latest save it for future use. The press shift key while clicking restore point to downloaded .IPSW will save you 5 hours every time.

    • Same problem same device (rev.A)

  9. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me ( iPad 2 Wi-fi ) I’ve never done any OTA updates. Always updated through iTunes and I still get the loop error.

  10. Second time through same issue… appears not ready for prime time s least for the IPAD2 WIFI… still happy to see progress

  11. It says. The iPod “iPod” could not be restore. The device cannot be found.

  12. i cant restore,i always get a 3004 error.annoying,any help?

  13. Fix isn’t working with an iPad 2 Wifi. Still getting reboot loop.

  14. THANK YOU. My iPhone four was stuck in recovery and would not reboot when I held power and home for ten seconds. I didn’t even think to try the restore; I almost forgot about it completely

  15. Luciano Stea says:

    I still get stuck at the boot loop.

  16. well after installing it once, restoring my iPhone 5 then re-installing evasion7 it works… i recommend just waiting… especially if you do not have any idea on how to restore an iphone

  17. everytime i try to recover my iphone it gets stuck at the “Restoring iPhone Software” spot. cant get passed it i get like 1/4th the way and bam freeze please help its a iphone 5

  18. Jailbreak is still not available for IPAD2 WIFI model until evaders fix it with a update. Will get reboot loops even if you have updates over ITunes or anything else.

  19. what are my choices if i have a broken home button and my iPad is apple logo loop? Please help me, thanks

    • Plenty of software available to put in DFU mode then restore with iTunes. You would need buttons to put in DFU mode but many software’s can do it for you without need to press buttons. There are many I don’t want to name just one here.

  20. can anyone tell me how to bypass the activation part?

  21. I have an iPad2 WIFI 64Gb and I have tried with both upgrade through ITunes with Apples update and the downloaded one- Nothing works still only getting the boot up lock.
    Hope we get an update soon.

  22. whens a update to fix boot loop on ipad 2 wifi going to be ready?

    • I have fixed the apple logo loop, although after i have tried to jailbreak it again and got the same logo loop error again…

    • Well my guess is after the holiday season. I think they will first iron out other bugs (fix for OTA update evasi0n boot loop ) and then release it with a fix for IPAD2 Wi-Fi only. At minimum 2 weeks or more from now.

      • Merry Christmas IPAD2 owners POD2G has given a ETA of 2 days over twitter cheers.

        • Jailbreak now available for IPAD2 Wi-Fi with a workaround update to ios 7.1 beta2 via .dmg file find direct link not developer login then extract .ipa using DMG extractor use it to update not restore then jailbreak using evasion I have jail broken IPAD2 Wi-Fi just try.

  23. if i keep getting error 11 from iTunes when i try recovering the iphone what am i doing wrong and is there any way around this ?

  24. “IPAD 2 WIFI BOOT LOOP” – None of the fixes you mentioned helped. awaiting next version, be it soon! :(

  25. i tried jailbreaking my iphone 5 ios 7.0.3 and it got stuck on boot logo… it wont even restore anymore any help with this?

    • You can restore only to the current version that at present is 7.0.4 so try to restore with that .ipsw and your problem will be solved.

  26. how to turn off?

    • A ios device in reboot loop cannot be turned off it will keep doing it till the battery drains easy way out is put it in DFU mode when in IOS 7 hold both sleep & home button for around 10 seconds till screen goes black this is low power mode battery will not drain for ios 6 1st press sleep then holding it home for 10 seconds then leave home after 15 sec leave sleep button.Then of course restore it to make it good as new.

  27. It doesn’t work on a verizon mini ret either .. Can’t b the OTA problem becuause the day this jailbreak dropped I went str8 2 verizon and purchased .. I have restored from DFU mode at least 5 times , and I even tried again when the 1.0.1 version was released … So any help would b nice … Just letting people kno that this isn’t just an iPad 2 problem …

  28. Same problem here with the ipad 2 wifi running ios 7.0.4… i Hope a patch or a fix will be released asap!

  29. i have windows 7 same error on my iphone and i cant to download ios via itunes…says secure connection can noot be established……plz suggest wat shud i do….
    iphone 5 stuck at apple bootloop and due ota issue….

  30. has anyone been able to restore it via itunes with ipsw provided here

  31. damn..try with 4 ipad’s (ipad 2 Wifi only), 2 different computers, same result ..it works for iphone 5s though… oh before someone ask ..YES restore my ipads from itunes not OTA… so can’t do more ..for now had to wait for the fix/patch…brengsek nih

  32. Mario Peregrina says:

    Hello guys, i got my ipad wifi 16gb and i got the same boot loop error, im not interested on the jailbreak anymore but mi ipad doesnt turn on, itunes doesnt let me restore it, is there a fix for this? I just want it to turn on so i can keep using it again, please help me today its my second day with i got it on christmas :(((

  33. My iPad 2 (WiFi) stuck in boot loop. No OTA and tried to Restore couple of times. Still no luck. Dare not to try once more time as it is waste of time to Restore and going back to Square 1.

  34. +1 my ipad 2 wifi has same problem…:( only ipad 2 owners have this problem….

  35. Did you guys notice something!! the black color iphone got more error and with white color iphone are go well in jailbreak or install tweak from cydia.

  36. Using windows, the evasi0n program gets about halfway through the process, (up to where I am supposed to tap the evasi0n7 icon on my ipad mini). When I do this, my ipad mini responds as it should. BUT, on the PC, the evasi0n’s (blue progress bar) is just STOPPED at this same spot, saying the same thing…. (“To continue, please unlock your device and tab the new evasi0n 7 icon”).

    It’s now been almost an hour and it’s still stopped halfway through. By this time, the ipad mini has just gone back to the normal homescreen. I have started the entire jailbreak process over 4 times and each time, I have waited more than 45 minutes and still…nothing has progressed any further than this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hey Just (upgrade) install 7.1 beta 1 or 2.Then it will jailbreak. But currently is imperfect due to mobile substrate do this only if you have the energy to fix the problems that will ensue. I had to do it and finally it works with my Ipad2 Wifi. Read my posts here to get some idea how to do if you don’t want to wait for new update of evasion.

  37. Does iPad 2 wifi work on evasion 7.0.1?

    • Well Good News for IPAD2 WIFI just update to IOS 7.1 Beta 1 find direct links, In ITunes click update while pressing shift point to .ipa gotten from .dmg file. I was finally able to Jailbreak my IPAD2 WIFI only model hooray try it enjoy the jailbreak.

  38. michelle yeo says:

    my ipad keep restarting. i dont know what to do, helpppppp!

  39. Hi guys.. Two days ago I tried to job my iPad 4( cellular + WiFi ) but I had same problem as many of you reported . I downloaded the ipsw to restore it through iTunes but it says that it’s not campatible with my device . I really am sick of all this . BTW I downloaded the GSM ipsw.
    Any help

  40. hello everyone
    i just jailbreakes my iphone 4 with evasion 7 and it got stuck on the logo after that i tried restoring it by dfu mode and itunes so i turned it of by pressing home and power button after that i tried putting it on dfu mode while plugged to itunes but its not even turning on no apple logo no nothing , what happened and what can i do ??
    a little help plz

    • Dfu mode keeps screen black, plug phone in first, have iTunes on, and then put in dfu mode, iTunes will notify you it has detected phone in recovery mode

  41. My iphone 5s keeps getting stuck during the config system process, 2/2 part, the program freezes yet i can still use phone, i cant even get to rebooting. Any suggestions?

  42. Hi, sorry if this was alredy asked but nothing is working. I tried to install the jailbreak on my iphone 5, if finishe but got stuck in the aple logo for baout ten minutes. I tried to restore it but when it finishes it get stuck in the apple logo once again for minutes and minutes. Then some green screen apears and then goes back to the apple logo. Im so worried, could someone help me?

  43. I can’t open evasion, it said “check with developer to make sure work with my mac.

    • i am using macbook with 10.6.8 and when i try to open evasion it says the same thing. have you been able to find a way to fix this

  44. my phone wont show up on itunes, i did all the instructions before that

  45. my power button dont work so how can i get my itune recognize my iphone :o thankkksss

  46. having the same problem and i downloaded and installed latest itunes also…but .ipsw file is not helping to restore it……plzzz help me

  47. where can I dowload the 7.1 beta 1?

  48. Boom! nice to see this thing was tested before being released

  49. Well nice to see that the restore worked for everyone.. My 5s is unable to recover from the logo, I restored from iTunes like 50 times, downloaded IPSW, DFU, Recovery. Nothing seems to be working. I am looking for software online to fix the issue. It’s a iPhone 5s, 64GB, on 7.0.4.. Someone have any suggestions for me??

  50. how should i turn off my iphone if its stuck on the boot loop ? i dont get it

  51. ok so my issue seems to be a bit different….like many others i got stuck at the apple logo after trying evasi0n’s jailbreak on my 4s running 7.0.2 after which I tried to do a full restore through itunes with ios 7.0.2 and 7.0.4 but while cehcking the firmware itunes says “cannot restore, firmware corrupted” or something to that effect.

    i even tried editing the host file in the c drive to no avail!

    any ideas guys?

  52. My iPhone is in a boot loop. But my power button is broken. Now what? Because it is in a boot loop, my pc doesn”t connect with my iPhone 4.
    Now what?

    Do i have to fix my power button, or is there an ther option?

  53. I still got boot loop on mini retina. Tried the current beta, V1.0.2 of evasi0n7. Still no joy. Restored 5 times so far, trying all different settings on iPad. Might be waiting for next version release :/

  54. Danny Hwang says:

    My iPhone 5 GSM model got stuck at apple booting logo while finishing installation of jailbreak and When i try to turn it off by pressing sleep button and home button at the same time, it just reboots automatically. My iTunes won’t even recognize my phone. What should i do?

  55. I have update my iphone 4s from ios 6.1.3 to 7.0.4 but both evasions 7 versions 1.01 and 1.02 stuck in the way and jailbreaking doesn’t finish so i get fedup after about half hour so i plug off my phone any solution?

  56. got boot loop and when i connect my phone to itunes it does not recognize that my phone is plugged in. any suggestions?

  57. i have a windows 8 laptop using evasion with an iphone 4s. i made a backup just incase anything went wrong. the jailbreak finished but i got the boot loop. ive read everyones comments saying to redownload an ipsw file, but i dont even know what that is. i never had to download any file to start with. my question is, since i clicked restore and not shift and then restore, will itunes recognize my phone and will i be able to restore from the backup i made? or is my iphone gone forever and i have to start from scratch. im waiting for my phone to finish restoring, but im panicking that i wont be able to restore from backup. will i be able to? someone please help me

  58. I have 4s and I went through the evasion process…. But same problem…. process gets stuck at apple logo……after restoring the device will I be able to install evasion again?? PL help……

  59. My iPhone 4 is stuck on the apple logo after attempting a jailbreak on evaders and I have tried everything since. I have restarted and put my phone in DFU mode SEVERAL times! Nothing is working I plugged it in to my mac mini and iTunes doesn’t even recognize a device. HELP!!!!!!!