How to Fix iOS 8 Boot Loop after installing Unsupported App

The jailbreak utility has always been criticized for being a harmful tool as it has the potential to damage an iOS gadget severely. However, this has never deterred the jailbreak developers who are in the constant pursuit of proving these criticisms false. One of the most important and popular developers of the Cydia application, Saurik, has always been determined to provide the best performance for Cydia to the users.


The latest update which has been developed by Saurik is the Substrate Safe Mode, which refers to a package that allows the user to operate a device in the safe mode in order to remove those jailbreak utilities which are causing issues, while also not upsetting any of the other jailbreak at the same time. The upgraded package which has been named as v0.9.5000 consists of an error fix regarding the increase in the utilization of the CPU.

The Substrate Safe Mode is identical to the type of safe mode that is found on desktop systems. You will be able to boot the device with very few extensions functioning in the background, which allows you to repair any issues that are creating difficulties in the working of the device.

As far as the CPU was concerned, many users were facing difficulties in this regard when using a device which runs on iOS 8 or above. When the user was in Safe Mode, the CPU would be fully utilized by the springboard. This is a big deal as it can cause several other issues such as speedy loss of battery power, overheat and basically reduce the functioning of the device.

Steps for downloading the Substrate Safe Mode

Since the Safe Mode is not used for a prolonged duration by a user, it should not have created such a big effect. However, regardless of whether a user has encountered any issue or not, he/she should ensure that the latest update is installed on the device.

  1. Launch the Cydia application.
  2.  Click on ‘Changes’.
  3.  The ensuing screen will contain the option for updating. Click on the option and wait for it to get installed
  4.  Restart the device and homescreen, launch the Cydia application and perform a refresh action. This will lead you to the latest update of Substrate Safe Mode.
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