How to Fix iOS 8.0.1 issues

How to Fix iOS 8.0.1 issues, Apple has just released the latest version of iOS 8 to public. iOS 8.0.1 is released to address a lot of bugs that came with the initial release of the new mobile operating system. But things don’t seem to be working the way Apple planned it. Specially for those with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.


The new iOS released comes not only with bug fixes but holds some of the worst iOS bugs ever, about half of the people who hopped in to the latest update claims that iOS 8.0.1 breaks their smart phones. For many Touch ID is not working and for some the phones are stuck in the boot loop. The iOS 8.0.1 fail cases are mostly those who upgraded their os via OTA. Bug like these are not new, specially when upgrades are installed over OTA. The fact OTA upgrades are not complete, these upgrades comes in as a small patch that when installed upgrades and modifies the current installation to the latest version but that is where the problem starts.

Not all have organized their phones the same way and not all uses or installs the same apps, the OTA upgrades somehow messes with the previously installed apps and their codes and makes things worse, recently we have been asked multiple times over our Facebook Fan page (Have you liked us yet?) about iOS 8 bugs and most of them are solved by full restore using iTunes. This time it is no different.

How to Fix iOS 8.0.1 bug and issues

  • The steps are simple, Backup your devices using iTunes.
  • Download a fresh copy of iOS 8 IPSW, you can also get it from our iOS download Page.
  • Go to iTunes and click on your Device.
  • Now, Press and Hold Shift for windows or Option for Mac and click on Restore.
  • Select the iOS 8 IPSW file you downloaded and let iTunes restore your device to iOS 8.
  • Once done, Restore your data from the Backup and Wait for Apple to release iOS 8.0.2 with everything fixed.

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