How to fix Cydia failed to fetch Error

How to fix Cydia failed to fetch Error, The users of Cydia are facing a common error in which the mobile says “Failed to fetch HTTP/1.1 404 not found”. This is the error one get when he or she tries to open a page which is no more available and this is not a very big problem, but in Cydia you will get this message each time you attempt to get the data from non-existent Ultrasn0w repo.

The error message you will get is: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead. This is not a big problem but you cannot ignore it because this will interrupt the refreshing stream of Cydia package list. As a result you will never use UltraSn0w and even if you use you will have to add the repo back manually to Cydia. Here are some steps to remove the Dev Team Ultrasn0w and rectify the Failed to fetch errors.

Steps to fix Cydia’s common error

  • tap on the manage tab located at the bottom after opening Cydia
  • now select sources
  • on the upper right had side of source page, you will get the option as Edit, after this you will get an option in red color as minus sigh just beside Dev Team, so select it and delete it
  • after the tap at the upper right corner is done
  • at the bottom you will find a tab as Changes, so tap on it and then refresh the Cydia sources by tapping the refresh button located at the left-hand corner
  • after the process is done, you will find that the errors of UltraSn0w repo are not occurring.

Only these are the things you have to do. Removing UltraSn0w is as easy as adding it. if you want to remove it don’t use Edit > remove use Edit > Add on source page and just type the repo address of UltraSn0w.

If you are looking to add UltraSn0w repo, then follow these

  • launch Cydia and you will find Manage tab at the bottom, just tap it
  • now tap on sources
  • on the top right corner of source page tap on Edit and then tap on Add which is located at the upper left hand corner.
  • in the UltraSn0w repo address type now tap on Add source.
  • now if the repo is up and running then you will find black screen which will show that the source and packages are getting downloaded and if repo is down, you get the message as “cannot find”.

Remember, adding of repo depends on the status of the repo, UltraSn0w is little choosy so you may find it offline a lot, so this can be the reason for the error message happening. Since UltraSn0w is rarely used you can remove it from your mobile and speed up Cydia. The lesser frequency of error messages will save you from headache.

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