How To Enable Hidden Wallpapers In iOS 7

How To Enable Hidden Wallpapers In iOS 7, Before apple removes a feature completely, more often they hide it first, and then later phase it out completely. One of the features that they held back on upon release of iOS 7 was the Dynamic wallpapers; this is just one of the few experimental implementations they had that they held back on even upon release. Given that some of the features dint make it to release,the hiddenwallpapers cydia tweak would be something to check out if you would like to enjoy some of the wallpaper animations.


For those who were operating Apple mobile software before release of iOS 7 in September, the dynamic wallpapers was a feature not within range, as much as those who had Android run device had been enjoying this feature for sometime allowing them to be able to do changes on their wallpapers and add effects such as moving shapes and more.

Those who owned iPhone, iPad and iPod had to settle for static backgrounds, a situation that raised complaints that consequently forced Apple to take the step, a move which was welcomed as much as it was not the most outstanding inclusion to iOS 7. The only issue with adjusting your dynamic wallpaper is choosing the set up you prefer. The hidden wallpaper changes gives you what seems like broadened horizons and four new dynamic wallpapers, with this revelation it is evident that Apple has hidden some attractive wallpapers from the iOS series.


You can find this tweak from the Cydia’s Bigboss repo and its for free, it will give you more control over your devices wallpapers and will not eat up your storage as its small in size. All you need is to be operating iOS 7, and your device must be jailbroken using Evasi0n Jailbreak tool.Once these conditions are met, you are good to go and enjoy these tweaks.

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