How to Enable Button Shapes in iOS 7.1

How to Enable Button Shapes in iOS 7.1, The release of iOS 7 saw Apple do a major improvement on the User Interface,a number of setbacks still remain though. One of the short comings that still lingered was the absence of buttons, for instance the text button.


Such issues seem to have been addressed by apple in iOS 7.1, as you are now able to enable button shapes. In as much as most buttons have grey coloring, some buttons are underlined. These include: the send button found in the Message application, and devices button in Airplay Menu. Other changes in iOS7.1 include: the highlighting of selected tab whose base is shaded on the icon color. For instance, any selected tab in the app store gets a blue shade while a selection in the music application gets red shading.

This makes it easier to find buttons though it doesn’t bring back the style previously had in iOS 6. For you to be able use this feature you must enable it, its toggle button is hidden somewhere in the accessibility and it’s very possible to miss it.To enable this function in iOS 7.1, follow the simple steps below:

  • Activate the settings app on your gadget (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)
  • Select on general then continue to accessibility on the following screen.
  • Select the on/off option near the button shapes to turn it on.

That’s simply all you need to do, and this should enable you to view the shapes with highlights or underline. Incase you would like to activate the Darken colour option to adjust on the contrast go to: accessibility then increase the contrast. This should give you a different feel to your buttons as you use your gadget.

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