How to Download and install iOS 8 on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

How to Download and install iOS 8 on iPhone iPad iPod Touch, Apple will be releasing iOS 8 in a few hours now to public and we thought this will be the right time to write on how to download iOS 8 IPSW for your device and how to install it on your device. With increased number of hacking and other unethical practices it is recommended that you download IPSW files for any iOS from a place you trust, well we are with you guys since the last two years and iOS IPSW files were downloaded from our website more than a million times.


With that being said, all you need to do is download iOS 8 IPSW file and prepare your iOS device to install it. Talking about new features in iOS 8, notification center which gets a facelift with new widgets and more custom modifications. Apart from that QuickType is one of  best new features in iOS 8, many people who have not used iOS 8 yet thinks QuickType is just like the autofill feature that comes with Android devices but it is very different, QuickType is not a autocomplete assistant it is actually an advanced predictive feature. Which looks it the message or email and gives you suggestions based on what you are trying to type, making your typing way less than before.

How to Download and install iOS 8 on your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes. Older versions of iTunes will not support iOS 8.
  2. The First step is always to backup your device using iTunes.
  3. Once done, Head over to our iOS download Page.
  4. Look for your iOS device in the list and click on it to download iOS 8 IPSW file. Make sure you click on the correct Device and Model
  5. Now, Connect your Device to your Computer using USB cable.
  6. Head over to iTunes and Click on your iOS device on top left menu bar. Yes, on older versions it was on the right side now it is on the left. Check the video at the bottom of this article for reference.
  7. Now, for windows Press and Hold Shift or for Mac press and Hold Option and Click on Restore iPhone or Restore iPad based on your device.
  8. Select the IPSW file you have just downloaded and let iTunes do the Rest.
  9. After everything is done, Restore your iOS Device to the Backup you created in step 2.
  10. Done, Your iOS device is now running iOS 8 and new features.

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  1. i dont need to save my data so backup is needed