How to Disable “Trust this Computer” on iOS 7

How to Disable “Trust this Computer” on iOS 7, Every time an iOS device is connected to a Windows computer, a message asking if you trust the computer keeps popping up regardless of how many times you had previously said yes. Despite the fact that nobody knows why it keeps appearing, whether the issue is with the software or with the USB connection this can irritate sometimes. The good news is that there are three ways one can deal with this.


Method 1: By updating the windows drivers to support Apple Mobile devices

  1. Go to control panel and open
  2. Click on hardware and sounds
  3. Click on device Manager
  4. Right click on the name of the iOS device and choose properties
  5. Choose hardware tab then properties
  6. Select drivers and go to update driver
  7. Type C:/Program Files/Common Files/Apple/Mobile Device Support/Drivers
  8. Find a driver named usbaap164, download it by clicking on it.

Method 2: Disable the Driver

  1. Go to Control Panel and open it
  2. Then Select Hardware & Sounds then Device Manager
  3. choose the iOS device then right-click on it
  4. choose Properties,  then Hardware
  5. Select Properties > Driver, and click Disable

After this the pop up message is not to appear and the iOS device should be able to charge properly on connection.

Method 3: ensure iTunes is of the latest version

  1. First Delete every Apple program from your PC by going into Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  2. Delete iTunes, Apple Mobile Support, Apple Software Update, and everything that has any connection to Apple
  3. Restart the computer then install the latest version of iTunes.

These three procedures should enable the disappearing of that irritating pop up message, but look out for more.

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