How to Disable Seen notifier in Facebook Messages

How to Disable Seen notifier in Facebook Messages, There are times when I don’t want my friends to know that I have read their messages on Facebook. But the annoying seen stamp in the Facebook message app spoils it all. No effort of mine can disable that particularly annoying feature. Facebook has not provided a setting in its stock apps to disable the feature.


Recently, I came across this Cydia tweak called FBMessengerUnseen. And this was the answer to my problem. It can be used in iOS devices and it also comes as a plugin for the Google Chrome Internet browser, which can be used in a Mac or a PC. Once it is installed, even after messages are read on Facebook, the sender is not notified about whether the message has been read or not. Isn’t that great? And isn’t it a simple solution to our problem.

It is a fairly simple tweak, which once installed, works seamlessly with the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Needs no settings, no further tweaks, no playing around, nothing! Just install the tweak, and you are good to go. But a feature to easily change the setting between enabling and disabling the tweak would have been a pleasant addition to the already awesome tweak, because there are times when one might want the sender to know that the message has been read, but doesn’t feel like replying at the same time. Maybe that feature will be added in the next update. The next update should also contain an additional feature of disabling the typing indicator, which the present tweak does not carry. Well, the best part is yet to come, It is free.

You can download it from Cydia at the ModMyi repo. Just search for FBMessengerUnseen. Also available as a plugin for Google Chrome Internet browser, this is a very useful tweak. Well, what are you waiting for? Go to Cydia, ModMyi repo, download and install FBMessengerUnseen, and read your Facebook messages without letting the senders know that you have read their messages.

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