How to Disable iOS 7.1 Transparency Effect on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

How to Disable iOS 7.1 Transparency Effect, Together with bringing new and interesting adjustments and utilities, such as CarPlay and improvement of Siri in other markets, iOS 7.1 has helped deal with a few issues that iOS 7.O.x did not deal with. The major change made by apple to introduce iOS 7 in September came with some problems that needed adjusting in their first main update. While iOS 7 gives most of the User interface displays a translucent look, iOS 7.1 goes even further to allow you to do adjustments such as reduction of transparency and even depth as your taste dictates.


Disable Transparency Effect in iOS 7.1

Unlike the inductions such as nausea and dizziness caused by parallax and animations on users, translucent effect has no such effects. Though iOS 7.1 has greatly corrected the reduced motion controls for users who are affected by the use of iOS, an easy option for adjusting transparency is available. The procedure of adjusting on transparency in iOS 7.1 is as follows:

  1. In case your device, iPhone or iPad is using anything below iOS 7.1, the first step is to upgrade to the latest firmware version for you to get started.
  2. Find the settings icon located on your home screen and tap on
  3. Go to general and choose accessibility.
  4. Increase the contrast before you activate reduce.

After these steps, your visibility should have been adjusted. Enjoy improved visibility on your user interface as you go through menus. In case you feel that the old translucent visibility was better; just repeat the procedure before switching off reduced transparency.

This latest update version iOS 7.1 may not be a significant update but still it addresses many of the issues common with OS overall. We may not experience such huge upgrade to the OS until iOS 8 is released, though reports suggest that there could be other significant changes before iOS 8. And on a side note just like all previous versions of iOS we will also give iOS 8 Jailbreak tools and tutorials, don’t forget to subscribe to us via email and like our jailbreak page on Facebook.

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