How to Disable iMessage Typing Notification

iMessage made its debut with iOS 5 and soon became a popular tool to send and receive text messages among iOS users with the help of a cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection. iMessage is faster and much cheaper, free in most cases than any other Message application but it has a glitch which we will be removing today. The glitch i am talking about is the small bubble notification on the recipient’s end that lets the recipient know that the user is typing. The cydia tweak called TypingPrivacy is a straight forward and simple tweak that adds a toggle switch to turn it on or off in the messages settings tab.


While Apple didn’t fully neglected your privacy for the app, like you can opt to remove the Read report, which will not let the sender that you have read the message but he/she can sense your presence if you accidentally  touch the keypad. Which can be dangerous in those situations when not responding is the right option. To save you from such awkward situations this Cydia tweak ensures your complete privacy.

Since it is a cydia tweak you need to have a Jailbreak on your iPhone, once you have installed TypingPrivacy you can find a Toggle switch similar to those of apple’s own in the settings of the Message app, there are no extra configuration page or icon for the tweak. All you have to do is go-to the settings page on your message app and turn on Typing Privacy after that your recipients will never see you typing, Of-course you and disable the tweak later if you want to but i can’t find a serious reason to disable it.

The Tweak is available in Cydia’s big boss repo for a small price of $0.99. What do you think, can this tweak save your privacy. Speak out in the comments below.

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