How to Clean Up Space on iPhone 5

How to Clean Up Space on iPhone 5, forever accumulating junk files and cache can eat up a large chunk of your iPhone 5 or any other iDevice. This problem is not an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 specific but when it comes to gadgets with data storage space, cache or junk files can be a big pain specially when there is no manual way to delete them. Everything we do on our iPhone 5 or any other iDevice generates cache files, these junk files are created to serve a purpose and that purpose is to speed up access to a particular app or it can be a normal temporary file. If you are frequent internet user and download a lot of data you will have more junk files than anyone else.

On a desktop computer you can simply browse to the temporary folder, the folder where these cache or junk files are kept and delete them manually but on your iPhone, you cannot do so even if you have access to those files one wrong file deleted and you will have to restore it. But there is a company which is dedicated to keep those junk and cache files out of your device providing you more space for games, movies or music etc. The company we are talking about is, they came up with a simple but powerful tool named PhoneClean that can scan for junk and cache files from each corner of your device and delete them. The is so simple to use, I deleted my junk files in less than a minute. The best part is, PhoneClean doesn’t require a Jailbreak. Follow the tutorial below to clear your device.

  • Connect your iPhone 5 to the computer using the lightning cable.
  • Launch PhoneClean and wait for it to detect your device.
  • Once detected, you will be provided with a list of scan options and a large Start Scan button.


  • Select all the Options and click on Start Scan.
  • Now, PhoneClean will perform a in-depth scan for all the junk and cache files.
  • When the scan is complete, the app will tell you how much you can recover and from which section.


  • Select all the possible sections and Click on Clean Up.
  • Now, PhoneClean will delete all the junk and free up the space for you.


Download PhoneClean from our Tools Download Page.

That’s it, in just few clicks you can recover a lot of space on your iPhone 5. Although all my scans and clean up run smoothly, you can always backup your device using iTunes before performing this clean up.

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