How to Check for Activation Lock Before Buying a used iPhone

How to Check for Activation Lock Before Buying a used iPhone, Activation lock is one of the security features on every iOS device in the market which has Find my iPhone feature enabled. For people today phones are the center of their life, Phones contains important contacts, private photos and videos , bank credentials and many other sensitive and private information. Find my iPhone and Activation Lock are the features that prevents any unauthorized person to gain access to your iPhone or tablet without having access to your Apple ID and its password.


By the help of Activation Lock one may not be able to break into your private data but they can definitely  put up your lost or stolen iPhone for a hot sell. Well, see this situation from the other prospective, you as a customer may be buying a phone that has been locked for lost and stolen and cannot be activated. The case even gets worse when you purchase used iPhones from the internet stores. Here are some tips to look for when buying a used iPhone.

Lock Screen

The first step is to notice the locked screen, if the device is lost or stolen you will very much see a message on the lock screen stating the same. If you see it, you better get alert and proceed to next step.


Ask the seller to locked the device using the Passcode, if the seller has the correct pass code the phone will unlock. Proceed to next step.


Ask the seller to perform a complete reset on the device in front of you by going to settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings. If Find my iPhone is enabled the phone will ask for the Apple ID and password to complete the process. If he doesn’t have the correct Apple ID or Password, walk away as it is a potential lost or stolen device.

Device Set Up

If everything goes well, after the reset go through the device set up. Choose the Language, Country and WiFi Network after that if you are asked to enter your Apple ID and Password it is safe to buy the iPhone. But if it asks for previous owner’s Apple ID and Password ask the seller to enter the credentials, if he fails to go pass this screen it is a clear sign that the iPhone is Activation Locked for either lost or stolen.

No Excesses

Never fall for excuses, if anything looks not right or the seller gives excuses and explanations about the passcodes and Apple IDs just walk away as it is not safe to buy the iPhone.

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