How to Charge Your iPhone Full in a Minute

How to Charge Your iPhone Full in a Minute, One major issue clouding smart phones is Battery life, even with iPhone users this is a big set back. Whenever a new iPhone is release it comes with a new iOS which also comes with more interesting features that make it even harder to keep battery. Another set back with battery is the time duration it takes for it to be fully charged. It mostly forces users to wait for hours before battery is completely charged, but there is good news. A company that has just been started by the name StoreDot could be the change longed for. This company recently showcased a technology that has the ability to charge a battery from zero percent to be completely full in less than a minute.iphone-full-charge-in-minute

What has been managed so far is to boost the capacity of larger batteries whenever a new device is launched, as most of the bigger Phablet style devices come with batteries of 3000Ah or more. This solution by OEMs is good but it will serve for a while and soon there will be need for something better.

At the Microsoft think Next Conference, the Israeli company, StoreDot showcased their technology proving that it is compatible with the normal standard battery that most smart phones have. This simply implies that as long as they are ready with the technology, nobody should go through the trouble of having to wait for hours for battery to charge.

As it is known, battery takes time to charge to reduce their chances of overheating or even blowing up, a challenge that StoreDot confidently claim to have found away around charging the battery quickly without severe effects on the battery.

One thing that however cannot be ignored is that this technology will not be able to put a stop to the usual battery degrading, but better still you get to charge up the battery much faster and also get to enjoy you favorite features. It should also be noted that the charger will cost about two times the normal price, but the gain is better that the loss and it wont make one broke either.

The other advantage with this is that it works for many smart phones not like other chargers, this means even is you change your device you still have the charge.

The technology is still at a prototype stage, it should be ready probably in a few years. If StoreDot manages to pull it off in the next few years, then the technology would be worth waiting for as it will be an answer to a long lingering question.

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