How to Charge iPhone 5S – iPad battery Faster

How to Charge iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPad battery Faster,The biggest issue for the iOS users has been the battery life of iPhone and iPad and one of the most annoying situations is when you are in a hurry and there is not much charge left and even if you charge it for a few minutes it is not going work.


There are a few things that you can do which can provide your device some extra battery life especially when it is short on charge, apart from buying an in-car charger, even though this won’t boost the battery completely, but it can give you a bit more extra time.

But before we have a look at that we can have a look on what usually fatigues the battery so quickly. Devices like iPhone in particular, are fitted out with multiple sensors so all of them have WI-FI, cellular data, radio, GPS and Bluetooth.  In this pocket-sized device there is so much of happening like the LTE, NFC, but it is a wonderful thing that you don’t have to keep it on permanent charge, looking at its specifications.

So turning off some of these things will help you to preserve your battery. So, here are a few tips on how you could give yourself a bit more battery, even when you only have the time to give it a quick power boost:

Turn it Off

Not the phone but some of the features:

  • Switch off Siri, Bluetooth and GPS, if it is not in use
  • Cellular or Wi-Fi switch off one which you are not using
  • Disable the Notification Center and Control Center on your Lock screen. Because they usually consume the battery when the iPhone is on standby.  You execute it by
  • Opening Settings, then
  • Disable them from running on the lock screen by going into each feature individually

Background App Refresh

Though this is a very useful feature, but it consumes battery voraciously:

  • Open the Settings
  • Tap on General, then
  • Tap on the Background App Refresh
  • Now tap to deactivate any apps that refreshes automatically

Push Notifications

This feature is useful as well, but you can cut down on the apps that send out push notifications at least:

  • Open Settings
  • Choose the Notification Center
  • You will view a list of apps that send out push notifications, tap to deactivate all the undesired options
  • You can also end the native apps, such as Stocks, which sends you notifications here as well

Spotlight Search

If you are not using this feature, then you should stop it completely.  And the best option is to disable all the options that you don’t require:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General, then
  3. Tap on Spotlight Search, and then
  4. Go through the list and deactivate which is not needed

Brightness and Wallpapers

Remaining in your settings app:

  1. Tap on Wallpapers & Brightness
  2. Turn on the auto brightness, this will help you to adjust the screen brightness to suit ambient lighting
  3. Avoid the dynamic wallpapers


If the GPS and Location services are enabled all the time then they will destroy battery life because they are constantly running and searching for GPS signal.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Privacy, then
  3. Tap on Location Services
  1. If you want to stop it completely, then tap on it
  2. If you want it for some things, then go through the list and deactivate whichever is not needed.

Optimize Your Settings

Continuing on the main menu of your Settings app:

  1. Tap on iCloud, then
  2. Sign in and go through the list, and turning what is not required. Be certain to look sensibly at the Documents and Data – which once used to run on Wi-Fi, but now it is working on Cellular, so switch it off, and you can enable it whenever needed
  1. Tap on iTunes & App Store, then
  2. Tap iTunes Match to deactivate it
  3. Tap on the Automatic Downloads and switch off which is not required
  4. Deactivate the Cellular Data while you are there

Last, but very important direction, don’t use your iPhone when it is charging this will not only drain your battery quickly but it is dangerous as well. These are some of the important tips on how you can save battery life and give you more power boost.  If you plug-in the device for a small amount of time then you can increase the battery life for more than 50%, and that can be very beneficial for you.

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