How to Change iPhone 5 Battery – iFixit Video

How to Change iPhone 5 Battery, The iOS device repair expert’s iFixit, recently shared some steps which will help you in replacing your iPhone 5 battery. They shared a video which explains how to replace your iPhone 5 battery yourself. So if any case the battery of your iPhone is no more just grab your screwdrivers & all your prying tools and watch the video so that you can repair your iPhone yourself.


If you want to start replacing the battery, you need to remove the front panel of your iPhone from the rear case. You will require to replace two 3.6 mm screws which are right next to lightning connector.

Here is the video which will explain you the entire replacement process

Things you need for replacing your screen:-

If you are not having these tools you can get one ifixit’s Liberation Kit from here. iFixit is currently offering a discount of $30, on the Liberation Kit which is priced at $100. So you can get this kit for $70 for a limited time only. And one more great news is that iFixit is providing free shipping of the kit. If you want to replace home button and display assembly of your iPhone 5 you can check these links Home Button and Display Assembly.

If you want to buy the replacement battery for your iPhone, you can check these Best Deals on iPhone Battery. If you are not sure that you can’t replace the battery yourself and if you are having warranty of your iPhone, you can visit Apple service center and ask for replacement of your battery as you battery is covered in the one year warranty. If you want to buy the battery from Apple, you can get on for $79 with shipping charges of $6.95 only.

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