How to Backup you iPhone 5 Contacts

How to Backup you iPhone 5 Contacts, one of the worst pain in this world is to lose the contact list. How many numbers do you remember from your contact list, very few i am sure or may be just one or two. The contact list is an ever growing element, which keeps on growing day by day as we make new friends and acquaintance. This method will not only backup your contact list for emergency restore but also will help you to transfer your contacts from one mobile to another, the idea is simple we use an app that can save all your contacts in a .vcf file and the app sends this vcf file to your email address. You don’t need a jailbreak for this app, here is how you can do it.


  • Download and Install My contacts backup from App store.
  • Open My Contacts Backup.
  • Now the app will ask you permission for accessing the Contacts list. Tap on Yes, taping on No will not let the app do its work.
  • After it gets your permission the App will start to back up all your contacts data.
  • Once the backup is finished, the app will ask you for your email id.
  • Type in the email address you want to send the contacts file to. If you don’t receive the email with contacts file attached, just redo the whole process again. Sometimes due to heavy load on server, you may not get the email sent.

Now, when ever you lose your contact list due to some problem, just open this email on your iPhone and tap on the Attachment file, all the contacts will downloaded and added to your contact list.

You can open this file on a new iPhone and have all your contacts on it. If you like this post, share it on Facebook  twitter or Google+, give us your views in the comments below.

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