Gorilla glass has competition: Sapphire glass for iPhone 5S

Gorilla glass has competition: Sapphire glass for iPhone 5S, A few years back, I went to visit a friend of mine. It was Rich, the man behind Evasion Jailbreak.org. I had just heard about Gorilla Glass and so, I asked him about it. What he did next was quite a shock to me. He took out his phone and started scratching the glass screen quite hard with the pointed end of a knife. I was shocked and was sure that Rich had gone nuts. But to my surprise, nothing had happened to the glass. He told me, “So Andy, this is Gorilla Glass”. After that day, whenever I went to buy a phone, the first thing I checked was whether the phone sported a Gorilla Glass display. Most phones today use Corning Gorilla Glass to protect their screens. Do anything to the screen, nothing much happens to it. But there are times when even Gorilla Glass is not good enough for the falls that your phone is subjected to. Gorilla Glass also cracks, but it does require quite a lot of torture to your phone’s screen for that to happen. This is where Sapphire Glass comes into action. It is stronger than Corning Gorilla Glass. Sapphire is the second strongest natural substance, after diamond. So, it is quite hard to break. Apple already uses Sapphire Glass in its iPhone’s camera covering glass.


But the downside is that Sapphire Glass is very expensive as compared to Corning Gorilla Glass. It is ten times more expensive. So, you can imagine how costlier will the phones become once Corning Gorilla Glass is replaced with Sapphire Glass. But it is expected that if more and more phone manufacturers start using Sapphire Glass in their phones, then the price of Sapphire Glass will reduce to five times of Corning Gorilla Glass. This will of course make the phones more secure to physical damage but it will make them more expensive. It might be seen only in high-end models of phone makers. Meanwhile, Corning has announced that they are coming up with a new glass that is stronger than Gorilla Glass. So, is Sapphire Glass going to give competition to Corning Gorilla Glass, or is the new glass from Corning going to give competition to Sapphire Glass? Well, only time will tell.

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