Getting turn-by-turn navigation directions on your iPhone

Getting turn-by-turn navigation directions on your iPhone, Do you travel a lot? Oh! Planning to buy a GPS navigation device? How about a Tom Tom? A Garmin? Or perhaps a Magellan? Or do you already have an iPhone? If yes, then please don’t waste your hard-earned money in buying that GPS navigation device. Your iPhone is one of the best GPS navigation devices available in the market. And yes, it does give you turn-by-turn directions. And don’t be apprehensive about using the stock Maps app on your iPhone. Agreed, that it had quite a lot of glitches when it was launched. But Apple has been working continuously to improve it in every way possible.



You must be aware of the benchmark that they are using. Of course, it’s the super reliable and handy Google Maps, which is also available in the AppStore for download. And it is free! So, use Apple Maps, or if you are not so sure about it, use the very reliable Google Maps, and turn your iPhone into that marvelous GPS navigation system that will guide you in every turn of your travel.

Now, let’s see how can we get turn-by-turn driving directions in Apple maps. Please follow the following directions:

  • You can find a little right arrow when you open the app. It is the directions icon. Tap on it.
  • Choose from the three modes of travel from the top row
  • Write your start point address in the text box
  • Write your destination address in the end box
  • Three routes will be shown. Select whichever is appropriate for you
  • Tap list icon at the bottom to get the detailed route list
  • Tap done to return to the map
  • Tap on Start to begin the voice guidance

Well, isn’t that simple and easy? Try it and for sure, you are no longer going to be apprehensive about the Maps app on your iPhone. You are going to love it. Try it to love it!

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