Get All Samsung Galaxy S4 Features on iPhone

Get All Samsung Galaxy S4 Features on iPhone, Have you checked out the new Samsung Galaxy S4? Impressed by it? Wait; don’t dismiss your iPhone because the Samsung Galaxy S4’s apps are cooler than your iPhone’s. You can get almost similar apps for your iPhone too.


The Evasion Jailbreak team has compiled a list of app for the iPhone that are similar to the new apps that are there in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Here’s the list,

Group Play

Group Play allows for up to 8 Samsung Galaxy S4s to be connected together for sharing of music and other content. There is an iPhone app available, known as JukeboxHero that allows you to connect different iPhones and share your music.

S Translator

This is an inbuilt feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that facilitates translations into a lot of languages. iPhone users can use Siri to do their translations. If that doesn’t work out well, then there is always Google Translate that works out wonders.

Photo Reader

This is not a new idea for an app. Apps like this one have been available for sometime. But this app works better than the previously available ones. It allows the user to click a photo of a business card and the contact details of the card are automatically saved to the contacts of the phone. There is an iOS app available called CamCardFree, which does the same trick.

Samsung Knox

Do you carry two different phones, one for your personal use and the other for office use? If you do, then you don’t have to anymore. Just use this app and you can divide your phone into 2 parts. Both the parts have their own security and access mechanisms, which can be changed. The iOS app that is similar to this is the app called Divide.

Dual Shot

This is a very interesting feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It allows the user to take photos or videos simultaneously using both the back and the front cameras of the phone. Very useful at times. There is an app for iOS called DuoCam that does the same job.

So, isn’t your iPhone now as cool as the Samsung Galaxy S4? Sure it is. So, what are you waiting for? Download these apps on to your iPhone and go out and flaunt them to your Samsung Galaxy S4 wielding friends.

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