Fleksy Keyboard for iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad

Fleksy Keyboard for iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad, The launch of iPhone set for sometime this week was preluded by the release of iOS 8. While developers rushed to improve on the firmware, it simply means this firmware will not just be another common app fond on iTunes store. During the WWDC Apple made it possible for third-party keyboards to be used from Android. One such is Fleksy which has grown to be a favourite. It is now possible to download Fleksy on your device running on iOS 8. Below are the details.


Though the inbuilt keyboard has undergone a necessary improvement as opposed to previous times where it never had any major changes, third party developers will stand up to show their prowess when it comes to keyboard.

Fleksy has enjoyed popularity among android users; though it is still new among iOS users it is already living up to the task. It only costs 99 cents and an extra $0.99 for the theme pack; it supports 40 languages and numerous themes. Just like other advanced keyboards on Android, Fleksy learns how you write when you are tying, this simple makes typing less tiresome and reduces rate of mistakes from carelessness for iOS users. Another great addition is that the size of the keyboard is adjustable to accommodate your fingers. This also comes with close to 850 emoji, so you will not type numbers, letters and symbols needlessly.

The onetime fee of $0.99 is very little compared to experience gotten from using Fleksy. Though it has not been tested for enough time on iOS 8, one thing is for sure that developers will be on it tirelessly to improve its functionality. Why not download it and give it a try.

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