Fix iTunes Error 3194 during iOS Update

Fix iTunes Error 3194 during iOS Update, iTunes iOS update error 3194 is one of the most common error faced by many while trying to upgrade iOS firmware on their iDevices. The error basically occurs when iTunes gets some network problem while upgrading your iOS, you may know that iTunes checks apples server before every iOS update or restore to verify if you are eligible for the update or restore or not. If there are any connection or protocol issue then iTunes throws that error.


Well, since it is a very common error no doubt there are hundreds of websites and YouTube videos covering a fix for it, but i have personally seen it many don’t work and may leave you device in recovery mode or DFU mode. Which can a bit hard to get out of specially when you don’t know how to do that, the solution I am about to tell you is very simple and straight forward. Follow the following steps correctly to avoid any errors.

Steps to Fix iTunes iOS update error 3194

  • For mac users, Press Shift + Command + G on your keyboard and type in /etc/ and hit enter.


  • For windows users, Go to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc


  • In both these locations you will find the Hosts file.
  • Open the Host file Notepad or TextEdit as an Administrator, specially for windows users.
  • Now, Scroll Down to the bottom of the file and look for the line
  • Just Put a # in the beginning of that line as seen in the image or simply delete the whole line. I prefer adding the # at the beginning, putting a # means you are disabling that particular host line.

Save the file, re-start your computer and try to update or restore using iTunes, this time you will surely make it through.

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One thought on “Fix iTunes Error 3194 during iOS Update

  1. Koen Broumel says:

    i don’t have the entry, but still get the error..