Fix Invalid SIM No SIM Card Installed Problem on iOS 7

Fix Invalid SIM No SIM Card Installed Problem on iOS 7, Apple users are experiencing all types of problems and benefits at the same time with latest iOS 7 upgrading feature. Most of the iPhone users are basking in the glory of the availability of best features with latest upgrades, it proved to be a terrible nightmare for others.



As far as the intensity of upgrading problems is considered, the latest 3 updates released by Apple too proved to be no respite for the users in this regard. More worse is the fact that each new update posed two additional issues creating more problematic situations.

Handling Invalid SIM Problem for iOS 7 Devices

Most of the users complained of one common problem and that has been of the invalid SIM. Fixing the problem is possible in few simple steps after which the device will function normally like before.

  • Reinstalling iOS 7 all over for your iPhone model is one of the best suggestions given. However, the problem might have been handled temporarily but no permanent fix is available in this regard. Getting a new replacement SIM card from the corresponding carrier is the only solution that proved to work for sure.
  • Approach the exact store from where you have purchased the set. Requesting the concerned test engineers to check your iPhone with the SIM card will be helpful whether it is working or not. If the problem remains still, then you need to have a new SIM card replaced for the earlier one to obtain the best results on an overall.

Meanwhile, there are others who are unable to obtain the best results even after performing all the above steps. However, those people who are able to get the replacement done under warranty will get best results still. The problem reported is akin to that of Apple TV that was reported to have offered major performance issues for the viewers.

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