Fix for Chrome Crashing after Update

Fix for Chrome Crashing after Upgrade, Google recently pushed and update for its iOS mobile browser Chrome. A lot of people use Chrome as the default and primary browser on their iOS devices because of its simplicity, speed and features set But right after the recent update Chrome is crashing for many people right after launching the app.


The New version of Chrome comes with a lots of added features including an option to share web pages via messages and a tweaked Omnibox. The new possible bug that came with the new version causes the app to crash and quit almost instantly after opening it. But fortunately we have a quick and easy way to fix the issue, we are sure that a new version with a fix of this is on its way but for the time being you can do the following to fix it. You don’t need to jailbreak your device.

Steps to Fix Chrome Crashing after Update (do these steps as fast as you can)

  • Open Chrome
  • Tap the Menu button on the right top and tap on settings.
  • Tap on Privacy and tap on Send Usage Data
  • Change the option to Always and tap done.

The reason of doing it fast is that it will terminate as soon as you start the app so, you need to do it before the app crashes. Well it do few tries to do that, I personally tried it around five times. But it does work, Chrome is very important to me for my work and browsing, I don’t any other browser at all.

For any other issue give us a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Fix for Chrome Crashing after Update

  1. there is other trick than that, you can always, download new chrome and check the send stat, and walla you don’t need to racing with times for change your privacy option

  2. Still have crash and blank Chrome on my old iPad (iOS 5.1.1). I upgrade and try to download Chrome March 12 2013, fully blank. There isn’t menu on right top.