First Third Party Apps that updated from Passcode to TouchID

First Third Party Apps that updated from Passcode to TouchID, Apple had made some killer announcements for its developers in recent times. Now the developers are granted with license to sparkle with iOS 8. Interestingly the Apple developers are gifted with the rights to play with Touch ID.  Passcode feature is the standard process to access some secure features in apps. Each and every app is now slowly replacing the passcode feature with the finger print access. With fingerprint sensor we can easily access the applications in iOS 8.


Here are the few of the early updaters who had quickly updated from passcode access to fingerprint sensors. One can easily guess that most secured accesses are required for passwords and finance kind of things. Most of the early updaters are related to these fields which demands top security.


One of the best banking apps which can manage payments, rewards etc from your iPhone is now using biometrics for signing in.


LastPass is a killer app for securing your passwords. It’s updated to Touch ID.


Premium Evernote users can now protect their accounts with TouchID.


Mint is also updated to TouchID. Now you need not enter your passcodes to log in Mint.


Amazon now grants its access with TouchID.


This banking application is now allowing its users to log in using their touch sensors.


You can access your personal information using the Touch sensor.


You need not worry now. Your scanned documents are much more secured. ScannerPro app is now updated to TouchID.


We need an ultimate protection for our journal entries. TouchID is the ideal way to log in DayOne.


Apps like LastPass and PasswordBox are used to save all our passwords. PasswordBox offers more security with the help of TouchID.

As everyone had guessed, apps like Simple, Discover, Mint which are all related to financial management are the first ones to update. Stores like Amazon access our payment data. Password houses like LastPass and PasswordBox need no thought to update from passcodes to Touch ID as they deal securing the passwords.

TouchID not only offers more security, it is also beautifully in sync with Apple machines. It’s simpler and perfectly filled with Apple’s sensibility. Typing a passcode now seems to be a tough and boring job. TouchID just requires a touch of your thumb. It’s very simple but also quick. TouchID had created some issues last year when it was first announced. Now, it’s working fine with very limited issues. Surely TouchID is the future as it is simpler and secure than passcode tradition.

We recommend you to update your apps immediately if you are using any apps which are mentioned above. Only the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s users can make use of TouchID access. The developers are reacting quickly and trying to create Touch access to many other applications.

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