FireCore releases aTV Flash (black) 2.3 with Apple TV 5.3 compatibility

FireCore releases aTV Flash (black) 2.3 with Apple TV 5.3 compatibility, Many of you might be wondering what is aTV Flash. aTV flash is a software suite which is very popular with Apple TV which can enhance your set-top box priced at $99. With the help of aTV flash you can add a web browser, play unsupported apple media files and weather application and many other goodies to your TV. If you have jail broken your Apple TV, cheer up because FireCore has launched a new version of aTV Flash which comes with new tweaks and features.


aTV Flash (black) is a 2.3 version which comes with a bunch of new features. The stability is improved in this version and the good news is that it will support the latest released Apple TV software version 5.3 with it. There are other features also added, so just hold tight and get ready to find out all the new features. As it supports the Apple TV 5.3 so now you can view HBO Go, Sky News, WatchESPN, Crunchyroll, Qello and other streaming apps. A new media player named “Infuse for Apple TV” is added in aTV Flash.

You will experience better Dolby audio, metadata can be fetched easily and subtitles will be encoded in an improved way.Change Log of aTV Flash 2.3

  • Compatible with Apple TV 5.3
  • Added Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian, and Romanian localizations
  • New Media player added ‘Infuse for Apple TV’
  • Improved Dolby audio sound quality (AC3)
  • Improved fetching of metadata
  • Improved detection of subtitle encoding
  • Improved dependability of settings backups
  • A few other minor fixes & performance was also improved.

If you want to update to the latest version you need to go to “Maintenance” and then Move to “Manage Extras”. You will find links for the latest software present under “Download Tab”.

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