Evasion iOS 7 Jailbreak Download

Evasion iOS 7 Jailbreak Download, Evasi0n for iOS 7 has been released by Evad3rs today after a long wait since the debut of iOS 7. The iOS is now on the fourth version of it, iOS 7.0.4 and this new jailbreak will support all versions of iOS 7 on all of the iOS devices. iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad mini retina, iPad mini, iPad Air and all other iOS devices including the iPod Touch 5.


This is a good news for all jailbreak users specially those who were struck on iOS 6 to save their jailbreak, Now you can easily upgrade to iOS 7 and Jailbreak it using Evasion 7, yes the new iOS 7 jailbreak will be called Evasi0n 7. This kills all the rumors of Evasi0n 2, which rumored few weeks back and claimed to jailbreak iOS 7.

You can download evasi0n 7 from our Evasi0n 7 download page, click on the respective OS you are using for example if you are on Windows click on the windows link and enjoy the jailbreak. We are currently testing the jailbreak on some devices will come up with proper tutorials and how to videos soon.

Saurik, the developer of Cydia tweets out that since there was no tethered jailbreak for iOS 7 he didn’t get much time to test out if cydia and its apps are fully compatible with iOS 7 or not, but he assures that jailbreakers can jailbreak their devices and he will fixed out any issues as soon as possible. Evad3rs released the evasi0n 7 jailbreak as a surprise, well this is certainly a Christmas gift for all of us right? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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132 thoughts on “Evasion iOS 7 Jailbreak Download

  1. can anyone verify if it worked successfully on ipod touch 5g?

    • Yup it worked but u can’t do much yet there is nothing made for ios7 yet it might take a week or so

  2. Hi, thanks for jailbreak!!
    If i have a Iphone 5s(IOS7) Can I download apps for IOS 6 ?

  3. Don’t do it. You will get stuck at apple log. It is reported that there are major issues with this jailbreak. I had to put my phone in DFU mode and restore via ICloud backup. Don’t do it.

    • If its not working for you, just wait for a while a update is coming to Evasion 7. BTW have your upgraded your iOS 7 OTA last time. If yes the jailbreak may fail, re-install iOS 7 using iTunes and perform the jailbreak. Using the tutorial we posted. Hope that Helps.

      • I ve failed to jailbreak my 2nd generation iPad although I ve re-installed clean ios7 using iTunes…. I think my case could be new one to your team so that s why I left my case here :)

  4. What about my ipad 2? I keep seeing all the way down to ipad 3

  5. is this UnTethered Jailbreak ? for ios 7 – 7.0.4 ?

  6. I have Iphone 4s and it stays on Configuring system(1/2)… for more than 20 minutes !

  7. I need help I cant do nothing with my iphone now its just stuck at apple power on logo how can I get my iphone back in use :( I really need my phone back. I plug it to the comp and it dosen”t recognize it to :(.

    • Connect it to the computer, open iTunes – Press and hold power and home button for 10 seconds and release power button while continue holding the home button till iTunes says it detected a iPhone in recovery mode. After that restore it to iOS 7.0.4

    • put i in difusion mod and connect it to yor pc , than itunes will open and press rebuilding ihone

  8. se me daño, ayudenme se me prende y se apaga otra vez :(

  9. Alright thanks bro it worked fine now do you know what its causeing this issue, and how could I make the jailbreak work? I will help the spanish guy im from Puerto Rico

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. Install a fresh copy of iOS through iTunes and perform the jailbreak. It will work for sure.

  10. Help i wanna jailbreak my iphone 5 but i get a “evasion 7″ is on the disk image message. i plug my phone but it doesnt do anything. i have the latest ios on it

  11. THANK YOU!!
    You guy are the best! I’m gonna make a donation right after I JB my 4gs.

    And a giant raspberry to all the doubters =)

  12. Mine worked first time, tweaks not working waiting for updates via cydia. Moviebox working fine, iphone 4

  13. I tired to jailbreak my ipad 2 wifi with ios 7 and im stuck on the apple logo screen can someone advise what to do?

  14. Should we just wait?

    looks like the jailbreak still has some issues

  15. iPhone 4s I want to jailbreak my device installed ios7 What should I do to help olurmusunuz thanks

  16. I’ve got an iphone 5 and the jailbreak worked fine, only most apps snd themes on cydia isnt supported yet!

  17. OnehardHustler says:

    When is this so called repair update going to be released? I cant wait….i want my device jailbroken Asap!!

  18. Used the jailbreak on ios 7 – iPhone 4S. Using the online version gave me error messages about having a passcode when it didn’t. But after downloading to the computer the jailbreak was smooth as silk. Now to wait for Cydia to catch up…Happy Holidays!

  19. On the iPhone 4 ios 7.0.4, it got stuck at the “To continue, please unlock your device.”
    Once you swipe the unlock screen, it doesn’t go any farther.

    • WordOfAdvice says:

      For both of my phones “4 & 4S” I had that issue I just reopened the JB and it finished what it was doing .

    • Unlock, lock, then unlock again and its done.

    • Just start the whole process again. Run the JB file again. It worked for me :D

    • I know the evasi0n 7 page says to disable your passcode lock, and I did. I kept having the same problem you are. So I thought, what if it’s not recognizing that I unlocked it? So i cancelled the jailbreak, and enabled my passcode lock again. It worked! So start over, only this time leave your passcode lock on. I hope this helps.

  20. My jailbreak fine ,just touch evision icon first time .don’t touch second time .it will make you stuck on apple logo

  21. works fine on my iphone 4s…hats of to evad3rs ……vic kairay

  22. Safari crashed after installing f.lux…
    I removed the app. But safari still crashes.
    Any suggestions?
    BTW, I upgraded to 7.0.4 OTA, and had NO PROBLEMS running Evasi0n

    • I’m having the same issue, I’m downloading Chrome as we speak and I’ll report on how that works.

      • It works perfectly, try switching to Chrome until they fix Safari.

        • Safari seems to be messing with the evasion codes and some reported their anti viruses takes it as a virus. But its normal with jailbreak kind of apps. Glad that it worked for you. Keep commenting.

    • Jailbreak went fine on my iphone 5 on ios 7.0.4 but after a few hours safari & a couple of other native aps won’t open for me. I’ve removed all repos I’d added incase it was them but still crashes. Should I just sit tight and hope it fixes itself or is there something I should do?

    • i have the problem,,,,,:( did u find any way to handle this prob…..???? BTW the jailbreak is perfectly done on iOS 7.0.4 …… :(

      • I’ve removeing apcake & apysync seems to do the trick. I’ve tried everything else that’s been suggested but no joy till I tried this.
        I reinstalled them after testing & stock aps crashed again so looks like I’m going without apcake for a while lol

  23. my iPad 4 is stuck on apple logo and iTunes gets error 4014 and will not restore it

  24. Ran JB with no problems at all.. And that was for an OTA update :)
    However, after I installed f.lux, safari crashes every time I try to launch.
    Reset my cookies and history but, no go.
    Any suggestions for what to do next?
    Looks like I may have to restore and try again
    If I no help available..

    • i have the problem did u find any way to handle this prob…..????

      • Have you got apysync installed? Mine done the same thing with mail,calculator & weather aps not opening & only thing I found that puts it right is to remove apysync & apcake

  25. Any way to jailbreak with activation lock? was waiting for a year… previous owner dissappeared with my money, bastard

  26. It works on my IPhone 4 using win xp…thanks to evad3rs..

  27. Evasion always stuck on configuring system 2/2..need help!!

  28. Hello, and Merry Christmas everyone!
    I have a huge problem with my iphone 5s what i bought online…
    My question is… Is there any change to jailbrake my iphone 5s without activateing device?
    Or maybe i can restore my device with somebodys else backup so it gets activated or sth….? Any ideas? Please help me… any feedback is welcome here and my e-mail luikme(at)gmail(dot)com

  29. Instaled cydia on my iPhone 4 ok
    How to fix invalid sim ?

  30. How to fix no service with cydia?

  31. Made it all the way to the boot logo and then continuous loop. I followed the tutorial via iTunes and reverted my IOS back, tried again and still the same outcome. Looking forward to the fix!
    iPad 2

  32. ipad 2 wifi doesn’t work-boot loop even with out ota update

  33. Nathan Kai Jenner says:

    works flawlessly on my iphone 5 but i really need a update so i can jb my ipad 2 wifi, only need jb to emulate psx/n64 and mod tsto on my ipad 2 wifi

  34. I made clean iTunes install of iOS 7.0.4 and jailbreak just puts the device in stuck on Apple logo ..tried twice …please hurry with the update

  35. there is obviously a miscalculation with the ipad 2 wifi and evasi0n7, we’ll just have to wait for our heros to free our ipads from jail in the upcoming updates.

  36. Clearly this is not functioning for all devices. I’m not sure why the big cover up…

    Why not address this issue? inform the public and provide an estimated resolution date as opposed to wasting everyone’s time.

  37. Is it working on ipod touch 5g ios-7.0.3

  38. FlubberDucky says:

    the damn program wont even open on my macbook pro 2011 10.6.8 snow leopard and ive been searching the whole damn internet for an answer and nothing. i already tried downloading on a different computer then switching it to mine and nothing. help.

    • I guess you are using Safari to download it, use chrome and give it a try. Also you can try opening the Evasi0n app and go to Contents – MacOS and double click on evasi0n7, it will load up terminal and start the evasi0n 7 jailbreak tool.

  39. The download link doesnt work! :( Can u please correct it?
    Such a nice job btw! :)

  40. Does the jailbreak work for ipad 4 (WIFI)?

  41. JB iOS 7 on my iPhone 5s is fine and easy. However no cydia apps working at this point. Quicklock 3 installed and only works as sleep instead of screen lock as before. Winterboard installed fine but doesn’t working either. The rest almost the same. The new Appsync iOS7 just available and installed but not yet try to sync yet. Will let you all know

  42. The JB works fine on my iPad3 wifi, but the main app I need is whatsapp. Does anybody succeed?

  43. Hello i installed the jailbrek but the phone don’t turn on just the aplle logo stuck.
    I try restore the phone but didn’t work because the iTunes wirtten for me an error messeage.(unknown error 2005………….) Im very angry. What i do pls help me???!

    • Hi, I have the same trouble, there is the apple logo, then a blue screen and it goes on and on …
      iTunes restoration ends up with the 2005 Error
      Were you able to fix it??

  44. Can anyone tell me if this jailbreak works on an activation locked 4s pls?

  45. Hi, in the beginning it worked fine with my Iphone 4 GSM. then Safari crashed and cydia disappeared with all its application.
    so, i restored again and jailbroke again. when i try to install apps from appaddict, the same occurs Cydia disappear and many apps disappear or crash.
    i tried one more time bt the situation becomes worst each time.
    what is the problem i am doing for that? or this is natural? last time i made JB was very stable for long time. any help?!

  46. I got the cydia app which was not working on my iPhone 5s ios7 from cydiaios7.com by adding this page to safari’s homescreen by so it will add cydia app to iPhone’s home screen, and from other various websites.
    ,adding pages to home screen safari will put it in the home screen, not the safari’s home screen in ios 7 after cydia icons, HELP me to unJB the device!!!!

  47. iPad 2 Wifi, with the new 1.0.1 still got stuck at the apple logo. try pc and mac version of the jailbreak both did the same thing.

  48. I am looking for new update to fix ipad 2 issue.

  49. it works fine with iphone 5s, iphone 5c & iphone 5. I did those phone today for my family. just the 2 ipad 2 are not working. both wifi version

  50. I need the update for iPad 2 jailbreak

  51. Jan Niezbedny says:

    Do somebody know when will be update fixing ipad 2 issue?

  52. when i open the file as an administrator and i come to the “preparing Evasi0n 7…” window it says “please wait” like forever …. and then after a few sec it pops up a window saying”there seems to be a connection problem, please try again later” am i doing anything wrong?

  53. Falconn Desty says:

    Hello Evaders…I thank you for all of your hard work in order to release a jailbreak so that we can use but I’ve been trying to jailbreak my ipad 2 (wifi) running on ios 7.0.4 using evasion 7 but for some reason it dont seem to be working. Everytime i try it my device gets stuck on the apple logo. If you have anyway to help me out please email me at youngfalconn[at]gmail(dot)com

    Thanks For All Your Help

  54. stuck on apple logo i dint make any backup of my ipad 3 running on ios 7.0.3 i want it to be fixed without restore reply fast i dont wanna lost my data

  55. i tried on I pad 2 and it is not working i stocked in apple logo reboot , although i tried to make restore from fresh IOS 7.0.4

    but again same problem

  56. appsync works fine but still a crashing problem with safari,mail and calculator have anyone sort it out ?

  57. Hi. Very smooth JB on iphone 4. But still waiting for Saurik to fix all the issues. But yet. Do not install Sbsettings cz it will cause your device to freeze and go into safe mode and restart over and over

  58. I can’t download any app at all I’ve got cydia on ipad air, I have appcake, & vshare none of these repos seem to work please help!!!!

  59. hello i’m french so excuse me for my langage
    is it work ipad mini retina cllular ?

  60. Justin Camilleri says:

    Hello Guys first of all thanks for your help in any way .Im IOS 7.0.4 and i think i did a foul by buying a locked iphone 5 because when im inserting Maltese SIMCARD (from where i am ) it’s stuck on seaching just i can use everything except calling and messaging the most important thing :)

    Does this jailbreak works if i jilbreak it or still i hve to wait maybe you will finalize or update the jailbreak ?

    Sorry but im not that expert :p

    • Justin Camilleri says:

      Please help mee !!! And what about 4s asking for the activation code so you can use it ?

      Does jailbreak arnga these type of problem or wht ?

  61. what about preserved basebands?

  62. If you have installed FULLSCREEN FOR SAFARI, uninstall that and you should be good to go. No need to restore or whatsoever ….

  63. As of 12/29 this does not work on the IPAD 2 Wifi It gets stuck on the apple logo.. this has been acknowledged on the comments on that problem It has been stated that the developers acknowledged this on twitter and said they would deal with after the holidays… my info other then it gets stuck is all second hand so take it for what its worth

  64. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER :) I Have been waiting since MAY to re-jailbreak my phone. You saved my life. I donate some money!!!!! THANK YOUU!!!!!

  65. i do the jailbreak for iphone 4 7.0 and of the last reboot cant open the iphone please help me!

  66. hi,
    i got my iphone out of power and it shutdown, now after turning it on i cant use any app from Cydia, how can i reboot so the jailbreak work again?

  67. I’m running the new Mac OSX Maverick. When I downloaded the jailbreak .dmg file, I got a message saying the file is from an “unrecognized programmer.” Anyone else have this issue?

  68. Does the jailbreak resolve the “not authorized” lightning adapter/cable problem???

  69. Please help,my ipod has been rebooted but when i try to open the Evasion 7 app it keeps crashing…

  70. i just used it and i am stuck on the apple boot logo what do i do!

  71. Hi, JB 7.04 and updated the Cydia Substrate but Facebook, Camera and Photos will not open. They crash immediately. Also, apps crash when trying to access photos for example trying to send MMS…

    Any ideas?

  72. Joe Cozzulolio says:

    Thanks for jailbreak. I jailbroke this hot chicks iphone and for my troubles got laid :))))

    Now calling another hottie to offer to jailbreak her phone :))

  73. After jailbreak will work with other SIM chip of different company who are locked ?

  74. What about blocked lightning cable from other resellers as apple.
    Are they working with jailbreak??

  75. Jailbreaking says:

    Look at this page on facebook @ Jailbroken Idevice.

    Like if you have a Jailbroken Idevice :) ?

  76. nice, new 7.0.2 beta fixed the ipad 2 problem.
    thanks for all the hard work.

  77. Most apps that use camera crash automatically. Anuone has a fix?

    • Have you found a fix yet? I am having the same issue. I did not have the problem when i first jailbroke iOS7 but only after something updated on cydia.

    • This happened to me too, after updating AppList, Phantom and Platinum. I had just taken a picture and it stopped working after these updates. I uninstalled most of what I’ve downloaded from Cydia so far, but nothing seems to get the camera working again. Any solution yet?

  78. JennaHenderson says:

    jailbroke iphone 5 and now the wifi connect wont work. i have already tried reset network settings, any more suggestions?

  79. Can I use another companies SIM in my phone once it is jailbroken please

  80. demolitionlovers says:

    ello guys I just tried to jailbreak my iphone 4 just to try it out before i commit to it on my 5s and it keeps prompting me to unlock my device, which, needless to say, is already unlocked. tried deleting the app and rebooting the jb program but same issue applies. please halp.

  81. help me i do every thing and my iphone still wont work its iphone 5s and i do everything after i jailbreak my device just stuck at apple power on logo

  82. Tommy Fierens says:

    Any ideas on how to get appsync to work compatible with mail and safari? I would like both to work asap.

  83. I just bought an iPhone 5s and want to jailbreak it. However I have some queries about jailbreak.
    1. what happens if I upgrade the ios version when the next one is available?
    2. I need to jailbreak only to install mobistealth. so after I jailbreak, install software and then again upgrade ios or loose the jailbreak will the software still work?
    3. which are good softwares apart from mobistealth. Alternatives or any better ones.
    4. can i jail break install the software and then go back to factory settings loose the jailbreak and continue using a software i installed after jailbreak?

    Your help will be much appreciated….

    • Hi,
      First if you jailbreak and install cydia tweaks you will lose them if you upgrade. If the newer iOS version you are upgrading to also supports the jailbreak or has another jailbreak you will have to rejailbreak it. Secondly, you will lose all jailbreak tweaks and its settings if you lose your jailbreak, however premium jailbreak tweaks purchase history will be saved in cydia for each device.
      For a list of best jailbreak tweaks keep visiting our site or subscribe to us, we will be posting some soon.

  84. issue with mail, if you try to use mail or any app trying to use mail. it crushed.
    any fix for that?

  85. hey I just tried to jailbreak my iPad mini, and everything was okay bust at the last step, when I press the evasion app it turn off and froze and I can’t fix that, I can’t turn it on :( it get frozen in the apple logo :'( what can I do, pleas help!
    it have been hours whit this problem I can’t lose my information :'(

    • Elsypersar, if you did a backup, you just have to put it in DFU mode, restore and then from backup.

  86. Sir.HammouD says:

    i have an ipad air with ios 7.0.4 already installed on it will the jailbreak work on it and will i face any problems ? i wanna know before i download it