Evasion 1.5 Jailbreak Button Grayed out Disabled

Evasion 1.5 Jailbreak Button Grayed out Disabled is a very common issue faced by evasion untethered jailbreak users which trying to jailbreak their devices. The problem arises when evasi0n jailbreak tool doesn’t recognize you device connected to your computer making the jailbreak impossible. Many have reported that they have performed complete resets and restores but the problem persists. With these simple tips and tricks you can get out of this problem and have a successful jailbreak on your device.


Evasi0n jailbreak has reached version 1.5 of it series with every version adding support for latest firmware or big fixes, the latest version of evasi0n came out right after Apple released iOS 6.1.2 with bug fixes. From the release of Evasion jailbreak in the first week of February till today around 14 million iOS devices has been jailbroken. It is one of the most used jailbreak software in history, even when many are facing issues with it. You can follow the step by step tutorial on iOS 6.1.2 untethered jailbreak using evasi0n 1.5 jailbreak tool.

How to Solve Evasi0n jailbreak button Grayed out Disabled problem

  • iTunes – Many may don’t know iTunes plays a very important role in the jailbreak process indirectly. Evasion uses iTunes drivers and connection to connect with your device to perform untethered jailbreak. First of all make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. On twitter and emails many people reporting me this problem got it fixed when i told them to upgrade iTunes to the latest version.
  • Evasi0n – If you have the latest version of iTunes installed and iTunes successfully detects your device, you should check if you are using the latest version of Evasi0n or not. Like if you have Evasi0n 1.4 and you are trying to jailbreak your device running on iOS 6.1.2 firmware, evasi0n will not be able to jailbreak it you have to download evasi0n 1.5 jailbreak tool.
  • Admin Rights – When using evasion always run in with administrator privileges, in case if you are using windows right-click on evasi0n and click on Run As Administrator or if you are on Mac press and hold control on your keyboard click on evasi0n and open. Giving admin rights to evasion also helps it to bypass Antivirus issues, sometimes your antivirus may be a problem of evasion not detecting your device.
  • USB Cable – Check your usb cable with another device make sure it is perfectly ok and has no issues with connectivity.
  • Computer issue – The exact problem with the computer issue is quite unknown but in most of the cases changing your computer to perform the jailbreak solves the issue. There are many reports when people can jailbreak their devices easily on another computer than the computer they were having the issue on.

These are some quick tips to solve the issue hope one of them will help you out, for any issues leave a comment below.

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