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Enable Facebook News Feed New Timeline Look, the main point of the new look of Facebook is in their tag line Good Bye Clutters Hello Bright Beautiful Stories. The meaning of this is that Facebook new news feed look eliminates all the clutters and presents as a easy quick flowing interface. One of the biggest feature of Facebook is its changing design, when many may hate a new look and wants to keep up with the old look but they don’t know how necessary it is to keep on changing. I am a big fan of this idea, the big thing here is that you change the whole user experience before the user actually get bored with it and opening a fresh new world for them to explore and when the right time comes they change it again.


Apart from being just a change the new news feed look comes with mobile inspired features, the flow is simple, elegant and best of all its better organized than before with the introduction of sub feeds the personal layout will be much easy to organize. Basically sub-feeds are the news updates that you be shown below the main feeds feed, which means you can organize pages and people according to their importance and making sure you wont miss the important updates because they gets buried deep below with non so important updates.

Other differences include bigger images and more vibrant color combinations to make everything strike out, this also includes four new sub feeds named as All Friends, Photos, Music and following etc the All friends feed showing all updates from your friends while the photos feed contains all the photo updates from friends and pages and so on. The new feed style will be pushed out may be next month while now you can opt in to try it out using this link, once you opt in facebook will decide when you will get the new view but sure you will get it before it pushes it to everyone. What are your views on the new timeline or news feed look? leave us a comment below.

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