Enable Face Detection on iPhone iPad

Enable Face Detection on iPhone iPad, Are you interested in taking a lot of videos? Videos of yourself, videos of your friends, videos of your dog, videos of your family, videos of your hobbies, random videos, planned videos, these videos, those videos, videos of anything at all! Oh! You are a hard-core videographer then. What? You don’t have a video camera! Wait a second. Do you have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch? Yes! Well, don’t let that videographer spirit of yours to die, because you own one of the best video taking devices.


But the little problem is that you can focus on people’s faces through face detection only before starting to record the video. Face detection during video shooting is not possible. The focus and face detection features of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are top-notch. I have never come across a mobile device camera that does the job better than the Apple products. But the same feature is missing from the world leading technology provider in the video function in the course of taking the videos. It is sometimes very important to focus on a particular face during some videos.

Why didn’t Apple include this feature while designing their software? What Apple couldn’t give you, is now being offered for free by the BigBoss repo. Just search for FaceDetectionDuringVideo. Search for it, download it and install it. Now you are good to go. Focus on any face which shooting a video and make the best of videos. Thanks to this Cydia tweak from the BigBoss repo!

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