Enable 3G on iOS 8

Enable 2G or 3G on iOS 8, The option to Enable 2G or 3G internet has been left out by Apple with the release of iOS 8 which turned out to be a problem for may iPhone users specially those who don’t have access to proper LTE coverage and those who finds LTE too expensive for the time being. Apple Released iOS 8 on 17th of September for public and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus comes pre installed, iOS 8 had many bugs when released but it was not the bugs that troubled the users, but the option for 2G and 3G internet.


Apple recently released iOS 8.1 to developers and after installing the first thing we noticed is the comeback of 2G and 3G selling under the Cellular settings of your iPhone. There there is a toggle to enable or disable cellular data and below that is a new toggle called Voice which gives you the options to enable 2G , 3G or LTE data networks as preferred. Apart from that iOS 8.1 Beta is thousands times better than iOS 8.0.2 which is the latest version out for public use. Apple Recently released iOS 8.1 Beta 2 to developers and for the first time our team has started noticing iOS 7 like smoothness and bug free experience.

But guys you will need to one secret, as far we are understanding iOS 8 is like a testing ground for Apple. That is why so many bugs, they are introducing new platforms, new programming language, brand new sets of APIs and integrating new payment processing system called Apple Pay. iOS 8 is also the first iOS ever to give root access to developers for developing and integrating third party apps to the iOS ecosystem further in, but Apple is always known for its security for iOS, The developers are presented with APIs that allow them to access system level controls without knowing how things are working in the iOS core, this adds superior security for our privacy and protection.


How to Enable 2G and 3G on iOS 8


The answer is simple, to get the toggle to enable and disable 2G, 3G and LTE at your will you will need to upgrade to iOS 8.1 when it releases, if our sources are correct you can have iOS 8.1 on your iOS device on 20th of October, but we can give the luxury of using iOS 8.1 now. All you need to do is have your UDID registered, we charge just USD $5.99 for a single UDID registration, this is the lowest UDID registration rate right now. If you are interested fill the form below and we will be happy to register your UDID.

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Well, if you not in a hurry and can wait till Apple releases iOS 8.1 to public you can subscribe to us via email and we will send you iOS 8.1 IPSW download links right to your inbox.

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