Download Pangu 1.2 with Boot Loop Issue Fix

Download Pangu 1.2 with Boot Loop Issue Fix, Pangu jailbreak Team has released a new version of their popular jailbreak tool, which includes bug fixes, improvements and most importantly addresses the issue of boot loops that many users reported after jailbreaking.


After Pangu came out with the capability to jailbreak iOS 7.1 and later, everyone was happy except the few who reported boot loop problem or stuck on the Pandu Welcome screen, there are ways to fix the issue and continue the happy jailbreaking experience but it is always better to have it fixed right within the jailbreak tool. Apart from that Pangu 1.2 comes included with AFC2, which will be installed during the jailbreak process.

Saurik’s AFC2 package is a Cydia tweak that gives jailbreakers full filesystem access on the iOS device. Pangu jailbreak was released by a Chinese jailbreak team back in June out of everyone’s surprise, which can jailbreak iOS 7.1 to ios 7.1.2 respectively. The team initially used the exploits discovered by the popular jailbreak developer i0nic, but later used different exploits on their next version Pangu Jailbreak 1.1, if you are facing any issues with your jailbreak boot looping and stuck on the welcomes message you can give this new version a try. The jailbreak procedure is exactly same like the original Pangu jailbreak tutorial.

If your current jailbreak is running without any problem, there is no strong reason to re-jailbreak using the new version.

Download Pangu Jailbreak 1.2 from our download Page.

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