Download iTunes 11.1.3 for iOS 7.0.3

Download iTunes 11.1.3 for iOS 7.0.3Apple has been very busy over the last couple of days. They have released a new version of iTunes.  iTunes 11.1.2 and iOS 7.0.3 at the same time. On Tuesday they also released a free upgrade for the OS X Mavericks, this upgrade of Mac OS X  includes minor bug fixes and added support for a few new languages like Arabic and Hebrew just for better support.


If you didn’t want to upgrade to the Mavericks or you don’t have a Mac computer then this isn’t necessary for you. You should upgrade to Mavericks before you continue. If you have updated though then you should probably just go ahead and upgrade now.

You can either do it from the Apple iTunes website or by going through iTunes directly.

How to Upgrade iTunes to 11.1.3 for iOS 7.0.3

  • Open iTunes
  • Click on Help on the top left fof the status bar.
  • And Click on Check for Updates to check for the updates.
  • When you see a popup message asking for confirmation appears, click on Download button to start the download.

Apple also pushed out some updates for iBooks Author telling that they have fixed the bugs from the previous versions as well as adding the talked about preview feature.

If you don’t know about some of the other products that were announced for apple then here is a short review.

  • iPad Air- The 5th generation iPad, is lighter, thinner as compared to previous versions, prices starting at $499 the new iPad Air goes on sell from November 1st.
  • iPad Mini 2- Yes, the wait is over. iPad Mini now comes with retina display, the small screen now boosts a resolution equal to a full sized iPad. iPad mini 2 will bag for you at $399 starting from November 1st as well.
  • MackBook Pro- The 13 inch and 15 inch models of  MacBook Pro got some refreshment addons and upgrades but comes with a slashed price of $200, it is now more powerful but cheaper.
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